Bethesda’s Monumental task – A Quality Fallout 4 release

In this opinion piece, Alexx discusses the timeline and history of Bethesda softworks game releases, and explains his opinion on what Bethesda should do to make Fallout 4's release a success. "Bethesda has the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of other developers in the gaming industry and try to fix as many of the problems in the game as possible PRIOR to release."

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Phoenix761250d ago

Todd Howard has already stated in interviews that the game is already complete or at least more than 95% complete. So Bethesda are now taking these final 4 months before release to ensure issues and bugs are kept to a minimum upon release.
Why this guy feels that an opinion piece is needed, when it's already being addressed is beyond me.

PCGamingNoobs1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

That amount of time spent of troubleshooting / bug finding albeit on such a big game is still a very respectable time to spend on fixing bugs.

i hope the time is spent on that though as im sure most other devs would spend that time on creating DLC these days hence the amount of broken games we tend to see.

brish1250d ago

Time will tell.

Skyrim was abandoned by Bethesda (no more patches) and the mod community is still trying to fix it.

Unofficial Skyrim Patch: Version History v2.1.2 (2015-06-27)