Heavy Rain's David Cage Has Strong Faith in PS3 writes, David Cage likes to talk a lot -- especially when 'Uncanny Valleys' are involved. So, it shouldn't come as surprise to see a seven page discussion with the Heavy Rain developer over at Gamasutra. Cutting down to the most relevant bits, Cage solidified Quantic Dream's decision to develop solely for PS3: "Honestly, working on one platform is the best thing we could dream of, and it's a choice."

This little bit of news is a nice reassurance that Heavy Rain will remain a PS3 exclusive, as recent mentions of other 3rd party exclusives have been found to have their exclusivity in question, or outright gone. Further backing up his adherence to PS3, Cage had this to say: "You say it's a limited audience -- yeah, it's true at the moment, but by the end of the PlayStation 2, I think there are 120 million units in the world, so I don't call that a limited market. There's no reason why the PlayStation 3 can't reach these numbers."

Note: Clicking on SOURCE in the article will take you to the full seven page interview with interesting details about the PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain.

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Bombibomb3711d ago

Sony should buy Quantic Dream. =) And Level-5, and Media Molecule, and Insomniac, and Naughty Dog, and Sucker Punch.

ash_divine3711d ago

though most of those are second party anyway, might as well seal the deal.

Vojkan3711d ago

[email protected]

Its not that simple man. You can buy name (studio) but if people/developers leave, what is left there other than meaningless name?
Take for example RARE, MS gave 400 million dollars and most of developers left instantly that studio. People are not animals or slaves, you cant keep them there if you buy studio.

So solution and only right way is when those studios want to sell them selves, than you buy them. Sony has been THE MASTER at doing this. Buying studios and keeping talents.
BTW. Sony has already acquired Naughty Dog, back in 2002.

Insomniac has no interest to sell atm.
Level 5 is looking to self publish, so hard to do. They want to became new Square Enix aka self publisher.
Quantic Dream is nothing without this Cage guy. His brain is behind Indigo prophecy and Omrikon, and Heavy Rain. So if he wants to sell and still stay, than yeah Sony should do it.
Sucker Punch, when Sony acquired Guerilla Games and Zipper they showed interest to sell, but Sony guess is decided to wait because PS3 costed them a lot of money and if Infamous turns major success you can put in bank that Sony will acquire them.
Similar epilog was with Evolution studios, aka Motorstorm guys.

thor3711d ago

I reckon sony will likely buy media molecule in the long run (if lbp is a big success). Insomniac aren't going to be bought because they prefer to remain independent of sony, however they have a very strong relationship with sony, especially because of resistance, and ratchet, and now r2 is getting a big marketing campaign. So I don't think they'll be making any xbox releases any time soon ;) Quantic dream, however, I don't know. We'll see. It'd be great to see another exclusive from them once heavy rain releases. I hope it can live up to its hype (even though we know nothing about it lol)

Lifendz3711d ago

and I know they'll get it out just as soon as its done but still, I want more footage of it.

QuackPot3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Sony already has outstanding developers at its disposal.

Sony just needs to use them properly, as well as recruit new talent, discover and create new IPs and copy, modify, adapt, improve * HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL * games being produced by other developers.

Halo & Gears should have been fully analyzed on why they were so successful and an * IMPROVED * clone should have been created - unashamedly - using their own great developers.

Sony also needs to ensure the right developers are making their games. Killzone 1 would have been a 10/10 game had Naughty Dog, Zipper and especially SCE Santa Monica Studio made it. Damn, imagine God of War graphics and animation for Killzone 1 - simply would have been awesome.

Least we forget, developers don't come cheap and Sony isn't a cash rich as Microsoft.

No need to buy new....just use what you have, properly.

TheColbertinator3711d ago

@Quackpot Sony isn't as rich as Microsoft?I gotta disagree.As a media conglomerate last year their profits went up to 88 billion dollars.Microsoft makes the same amount but I have no doubt Sony could buy tons of studios.

The best studios to buy is Platinum Games,Bioware and Pandemic(which EA snapped up) and High Voltage(The Conduit)

StephanieBBB3711d ago

David Cage is a really smart individual. You can tell by how he can break down complicated matters in to understandble and processable pieces. This guy is the main reason why im intrested in knowing more about Heavy Rain.

beavis4play3711d ago

sony owns sucker punch and ND.

clintos593710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

This is why so many devs support sony because sony doesnt just throw money out trying to buy devs but sony also gives alot of these small company;s a chance with new IP's and this is how alot of those small company's have became successful because of sony helping them out. Few teams that were once small, Naughty Dog, Insomniac, Sucker Punch, were just like Media Molecule and now are a success in the industry because sony took a chance in there games.

One thing I think alot of these devs support sony so much is because sony is letting them be independant with there studios and giving them whatever they want to do which is alot freedom and is why alot of these company's make exclusive titles to sony. U will see that what sony is doing is actually what is going to make them exceed the competition. While MS is busy buying up alot of third party games just to get on there system, sony will be busy spending money on new smaller companys that will bring in new IP's to the ps3. Anyone who says thats a bad thing, just look how big Little Big Planet is turning out to be and u will understand that this is what we can expect from sony to bring in all these amazing new IP's while MS is busy spending tons of money off rehashes.

If u think FF13 was a big lost, do remember FF13 sells best in japan and the ps3 version is exclusive in japan still and do remember FF13 is still coming to the ps3 and is being built on the ps3 which will prolly have the best version of the 2. Ill take 1 bluray disc over 3 dvd's anyday. Also this isnt a big loss for sony. They got tons of huge exclusives that can make up for FF13 going multiplatform in 2009 and what is real scary is 2009 is actually the year I dont see how nintendo or microsoft can even compete with the software lineup sony has in 2009. And if MGS4 has proven it can move tons of hardware, then we all know damn well there are many more titles that big coming for the ps3 and Resistance 2, and Little Big Planet are the next games to do what MGS4 has done, only difference is sony will be advertising the hell out of these 2 games which they didnt have to do with MGS4 just because MGS4 was already set to sell just from how big the franchise is and from the dev who was working on the title and because of the legendary icon solid snake finishing his last mission with a bang.

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eagle213711d ago

The E3 press got a chance to see Heavy Rain and I can't wait to see it. :)

ThatCanadianGuy3711d ago

Good find Eagle

You got the Hawkeye's for real :P

bleachrulez3711d ago

and i think sony will buy media molecule

Fishy Fingers3711d ago

The full interview has already been submitted. It's a good read, you don't need some website to spoon feed you pieces of it.

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