Plans for PS4 Release of Neverwinter Finally Confirmed

During a livestream on Twitch, Wizards of the Coast Marketing Manager Trevor Kidd confirmed that the MMORPG Neverwinter by Cryptic Studios will be released on PS4.

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Dlacy13g983d ago

Its a really solid FTP MMORPG....but, when you compare to other big RPG's like Dragon Age, The Witcher 3 and even Elder Scrolls Online it definitely isn't the prettiest girl at the dance. But the price is right so I would encourage all to at least give it a try.

ps360s983d ago (Edited 983d ago )


Cant wait to try this

Palitera981d ago


GameForever983d ago

Played the crap out of it on Xbox One and PC, Hope it runs better on PS4 than it does on Xbox One.

XanderZane983d ago

Been playing it on the XB1 for months now. It's awesome. There is some lag here and there, but nothing that really kills the enjoyment of the game. Don't really have to pay anything, but it'll take you awhile to get enchanted keys if you don't.

akurtz983d ago

Not as embarrasssing as you

itsjustexuma983d ago

His bio is also embarrassing

ScorpiusX983d ago

Sadly its an opinion , if by chance it doesn't bode well with you. By all means ignore and move along .

Rimeskeem983d ago

"Would rather watch sony go bankrutp than buy their products "

straight from his comment. Some people just want to watch the world burn.

MasterCornholio983d ago (Edited 983d ago )

En mi opinión no pasa nada si sale para la play. A mi me parece bien que 25 millones de personas van a ser capaz de jugar este juego.

Translation: In my opinion I don't see anything wrong with the game coming out for the PlayStation. A think it's great that over 25 million people will be able to play this.

akurtz983d ago

Its pretty fun. I play it with my cousin on tue xbox one. The only downside is the frame rate.

MasterCornholio983d ago

Hopefully they will take advantage of the PS4s beefier GPU and fix that issue.


IamTylerDurden1983d ago (Edited 983d ago )

I heard Smite will come to PS4 as well, i could care less. Rather have Killing Floor 2.

DigitalRaptor981d ago

I agree about Killing Floor 2.

But Neverwinter has been confirmed for at least a year. I don't know why people cannot do the research to find that out for themselves.

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The story is too old to be commented.