Lizard Squad lashes out after Daybreak Games CEO threatens cyberattacker group

Some games like H1Z1, Planetside 2, and DC Universe Online are all experiencing connectivity problems along with Daybreak's website.

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-Foxtrot1254d ago

Can't believe the guy didn't get any jail time

bmf73641254d ago

They have made themselves terrorists by threatening Daybreak. They should be prosecuted as terrorists.

pompombrum1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Lol what? They take down game servers and you label them terrorists? You must work for the American government with that logic.

Lets be honest, they're attention seeking children, nothing more, nothing less.

Also Smedley, a respectable CEO, should know better than to say what he did. He has every right to be angry at them for what they did but this was always going to happen when you stirred up the hornet's next. Unless he was deliberately doing it as a part of a sting with say the FBI to help catch them which is even worse seeing as he's doing it at the expense of his own company's fanbase.

Irishguy951254d ago

Daybreak aren't doing know..They're one of those devs that improves their games. Very down to earth and straight forward. Lizard Squad are just butthurt dildo shovers.

iceman061254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

@aiBreeze...they ALSO "swatted" him, delayed his plane by claiming a false bomb threat and filed fraudulent tax returns under is identity. I don't know where YOU live, but those are indeed federal offenses. (not on the level of terrorism, but not to be minimized either.)

jimmywolf1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )


been a apologist, is what let's kids do these things an think it OK....

hacking an desecrating business because someone thinks it funny or fun, is not something we as a society should condone anymore then cyber bullying regardless of age, gender, so on an so forth.

they should all be judge equal an harshly to prove a point an stop such things from happen. not ignore an dismissed because you feel the punishment does not fit the crime.

Dee_911254d ago

"Kivimaki was found guilty of harassing people that include Smedley by sending SWAT teams to his home and threatening to blow up a flight he was on leading to it getting grounded."
" was only given a commuted two-year-sentence, which meant no jail time. "

Wish he had these charges in the states, he would be under the prison for those threats alone.

Christopher1254d ago

***Lets be honest, they're attention seeking children, nothing more, nothing less.

While not terrorists, they are not attention seeking children. They are people who are costing a business a ton of money.

I think these attacks should be handled the same way as if someone walked into a fur store and threw red paint all over the place.

CannonB81254d ago

Did you read any of the stuff they did to him? Swatted him numerous times, bomb scares for the flight he was on, filed fake tax returns, made over 50(?) credit applications in his name, not to mention the DDoS attacks and harassment.
Just a few of those allegations would be enough for jail time, but because Finland favours rehabilitation instead of jail time, he got off with it.
Smedley did mention on Twitter, though that the the two year suspended sentence was only for the 50,000 cyber crime issue. He has still to be punished for the bomb scares and other stuff.

DarkKaine1254d ago Show
OldDude1254d ago

I don't know where you come from but in my country threatening to blow up an airliner full of people pretty much qualifies as threatening terrorism. Hope they rot.

kaizokuspy1254d ago


The kid who got the two year suspended sentence still has to face 11 other charges and go to court in other areas. Just bc the courts where he lived slapped him on the wrist doesn't mean the others won't fuck him up bad.

1nsomniac1253d ago

....That is THE most stupidest thing I have ever heard!!

hangdang1253d ago

I'm glad someone as delusional as you isn't involved in the justice system of you think a group of people who take down game servers should be tried as a terrorist

EvilWay1253d ago

If you consider some kids who take down video game servers terrorists you must not leave the house.... If they start placing bombs in consoles or offices then they will be terrorists

UnHoly_One1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Sorry but anyone that "SWAT's" somebody should be put away for attempted murder.

And yes, the word terrorist fits that rather well, also.

ABizzel11253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )


To be young and stupid, and hopefully you are kids and not old fools, because being old and stupid is one of the worse plagues of this world.

Each one of you fail to realize all the things this "kid" has done. He not only assisted in shut ing down XBL and PSN costing them at least thousands if not millions over the holiday, which is a FEDERAL CRIME.

Calling in a SWAT Team to a person's home is a FEDERAL CRIME, and potentially could lead to a shooting / murder as the victims are rightfully upset their home is being invaded without proper cause.

Calling in a bomb threat to an airline is a FEDERAL CRIME, and an act of TERRORISM.

Stealing PII (Personal Identifiable Information) is a FEDERAL CRIME.

Filing false taxes in the name of someone else is a FEDERAL CRIME.

Forging credit cards in the name of someone else is Identity Theft, and once again a FEDERAL CRIME.

Computer Fraud / Hacking / Abuse is a FEDERAL CRIME.

These are all FEDERAL CRIMES that this person in particular has committed. I'm all for jail being a rehabilitating experience, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't be locked up for the 50,000+ FEDERAL CRIMES he's committed which by all means would be a life sentence for anyone in the US being caught. Swatting is DOMESTIC TERRORISM and recently the 15-year-old who did it, and got a boys dad shot is still facing 5 years - life for the attack, that's only 1 charge that this 17-year-old "kid" committed (although no one was shot). In several states 17 years of age is considered an adult Cali. you're still a minor. And once again a bomb threat is an ACT OF TERRORISM.

I don't think he needs life in federal prison, but he definitely deserves to spend quite a while there for all the things he's done. Being young and stupid at one point in time was an easy way for natural selection to get rid of your genepool. He should be fined for all the expenses and face a sentencing as well.

Love and Happiness didn't get him to where he's at in life, and it's not going to snap him out of it. At 17 years old, you're more than old enough to know the consequences of illegalities, and he knowingly committed them anyway. And he should face a deserving punishment. PERIOD.

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Spenok1254d ago

Exactly. Talk about a retarded justice system. bmf7364 is absolutely right too.

rainslacker1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Can't believe that some people that play the games are trying to make out Smedley as the bad guy in this situation. I forgot he was the one that had the bomb threat against his plane, and he should be pissed this guy got off so easily given all that's happened to him.

Looks like he intends to sue the guy, so could be interesting if he's not just blowing off steam. Thing about Smedley is that he's a CEO of a company, and a millionaire, so he has the money to blow to make this kids life a living hell for the next 5 years. Wonder how impudent that kid will act when he's faced with a lifetime of debt, and possibly huge repayments due to a lawsuit, for a crime which he was already found guilty of. Shouldn't take much to win a lawsuit against him. I doubt the hacker community at large is going to back up Lizard Squad members in this, because it's not like they are doing anything worthwhile in all their cyber-attacks. What more can LS do other than continue to DDoS servers? I'm sure at this point, Smedley has backup protection for his identity and threats against cyber-attacks to him personally.


They've done more than attack servers. They've stolen identities and made bomb threats. Both federal crimes under US and EU law, and there are laws which allow him to be prosecuted outside his home country. Overall, they are pretty ineffectual cyber-terrorist, because they have yet to really break into anything substantial, but they still are making innocent citizens lives difficult, and costing companies lots of money.

They may be children, but children need to be disciplined. It's quite obvious that members of LS, and in particular the guy convicted of the crimes, feels absolutely no remorse for their actions. It serves no purpose to just brush it off and say, "kids will be kids"

Viper71254d ago

Civil Court Procedures work very differently in Finland than they do in US. I don't think money will help Smedley here even remotely as much as it would in the US.

You do know that In Europe you can actually get a fair trial in most countries no matter who you are.

DragonKnight1253d ago

"You do know that In Europe you can actually get a fair trial in most countries no matter who you are."

I doubt you can make such a generalization about a continent with 50 countries including communist nations.

rainslacker1253d ago

Finland is part of the EU, so they have to follow EU laws about such things. He got a fair trial, and was found guilty, but didn't get a fair sentence. I'm not saying that his civil cases wouldn't be handled fairly, just that he is unlikely to win them, and money talks in all countries. Europe is no different. The man was found guilty of over 5000 charges against him, so all that happens now is that someone has to file civil suits against him to recover losses that happened to them.

Some of the laws on how things proceed, and how much someone can sue for may be different, but I'd imagine, Smedley could easily provide documents to show how much money he spent to his own lawyers to resolve the issues he had. Those things aren't cheap, and ultimately, the man guilty of the crimes should have to pay for them.

Also, in the US, you can also get a fair trial. Despite what you may see on TV, the courts aren't some melodramatic daytime soap opera. Most judges and lawyers are pretty civil to one another, and they do follow the law. Try not to generalize our justice system as completely broken, because most of the time, it isn't. For every one person that doesn't receive a fair trial, and for the additional person which plays the courts for a fool, there are another 100 who get fair trials and either go free, or have justice served against them.

Viper71253d ago

Finland is very socialistic country, I am guessing that the government would probably end up paying most of his legal fees as Legal aid.

I am not saying your system is broken, but from all I've heard it seems to favor the corporations and rich citizens way more than common citizens. (our system gets a bit funny with the rich since our fines are linked to your income, how does 100k USD speeding ticket sound?)

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kenshiro1001253d ago

These kids need the law book thrown at them. This is disgusting.

Orbilator1253d ago

Should have been locked up, end off. Just cemented his image of untouchable, some gimme his address and ill take care of it... I'll send the truancy officer round.

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_LarZen_1254d ago

In the end these morons will get what's coming for them.

Dlacy13g1254d ago

Yep... may not happen right away but eventually bad stuff happens to bad people. If you dabble long enough in a bad situation/area... bad stuff will come your way.

Volkama1254d ago

Sadly that just isn't true.

RJ920091254d ago

Oo karma is a real thing man it will get back to them in some shape or form. It always does

Dlacy13g1254d ago

@Volkama, Yes good people have bad things happen to them too... but if you hang out with a bad element or are a criminal yourself.. eventually, its gonna go sideways for you. Whether its you just get stupid, or someone close to your circle gets will happen. Or maybe you cross someone else in that element or they get more greedy than you... it will eventually go sideways on you.

morganfell1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

No Volkama, it is true. It is karma. Not the mystical type, but it is just a matter of the odds. You keep doing evil things it is simply a matter of the odds before you do evil to the person that then shoves the evil down your throat.

Know the old adage, "Play with fire and you'll get burned"? It doesn't mean the first time. It simply is that odds on, sooner or later you are getting a lit candle stick shoved up the backside.

In this case it may be the law, or it may be some unpredictable individual they run their mouth around and then get curbstomped. And I seriously doubt any one of these pencil necks could take a decent punch.

Irishguy951254d ago

Tell that to our governments

rainslacker1254d ago

Eventually they will piss off the wrong person, or eventually a company or law enforcement agency will be compelled to take stronger action. There is much worse things that can happen to these guys than jail time, like their entire life being turned upside down due to lawsuits.

All it takes is for one company to start the charge, and then I'd expect the rest to go full force. At some point, these companies are going to have to do something to just make an example of them, even if it sets them back a few million dollars in the process, because ultimately, they are losing a lot more than that due to these attacks.

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AzubuEntus1254d ago

It's karma. What goes around comes around.

RustyShackleford1254d ago

They should have made an example out of him rather than just giving him a slap on the wrist.

Dasteru1254d ago

If the kid had been in the U.S, he would probably have been sentenced to ~300 years without parole in a maximum security federal prison.

Dlacy13g1254d ago

Actually, because he was 17 he likely would have done time in the Juvenile system. Probably are year or two max.... I think the being 17 part was a big influence for the slap on the wrist. I don't think either legal system would have gone after him as an adult.

Dasteru1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

A 15yo kid was just recently convicted of domestic terrorism and sentenced to 25 years without parole in federal prison just for swatting.

This kid did that plus threatened to take down an airliner. Also the FBI enjoys making brutal examples of people who fack with computer networks, regardless of age. Being convicted of even a small fraction of those 50,000 counts in most US courts, he would probably wind up with one of the harshest prison sentences in US history.

pompombrum1254d ago

^^^ Nope that story is actually very real and I believe this LizardSquad guy was caught swatting too.

Regardless, America does have a reputation for being unfair on hackers. It was only earlier this year that Germany refused an extradite request from America for a hacker on the grounds that the punishment over there would have been far too harsh to fit the crime.

ab5olut10n1254d ago

it's satire. There's a snopes page on the story.

ABizzel11253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )


Completely wrong, you can be a minor and still be charged as an adult, and 17 is considered an adult in many states, so depending on where he did all these attacks and where the taxes etc... were filed, and the severity of these attacks he can still be charged as an adult.

And considering he cost thousands if not millions in damages between the holiday for MS and Sony, that alone is a felony.

Bomb Threat, International Terrorism, Felony.

Swatting without injury, Domestic Terrorism, aka potential felony.

Credit fraud, Felony.

Tax fraud, Felony.

He's getting charged as an adult.


That story was a fake, although he's still apparently on trail and could face anywhere form 5 - 20 years for attempted murder if they seek it, although I suspect 2 years in custody instead with a serious plea bargain, which is what a 17 year got. Although the 15 did get someone shot.

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Antifan1254d ago

Do them in 'Murica' style, put them in a jail with real criminals. Tyrone would loosen their 'love' hole.

Null1254d ago

Why did it have to be Tyrone? Because that's a name commonly associated with black people? because the prison? Because you think only black guys are in prison? You think only black guys commit prison rape? What is wrong with you, man?

IamTylerDurden11254d ago

Stereotype, Internet, it happens.

They need to put the punka** kids in jail, real jail and publicize it. I'm sure it wouldn't happen as often.

Ps. How the f*** do these CO's that the state pays allow prison rape to happen, the officers that knowingly allow it should be charged, it's grotesque. I thought cops were supposed to prevent crimes, rape is a crime i believe.

Irishguy951254d ago


Where did all this 'black' association come from xD

Pintheshadows1254d ago

I think you have more wrong with you to be honest Null. You just managed to take nothing and turn it into something.

Have you heard of 'joking'?

Gh05t1254d ago

If he had said hector or billy you probably wouldnt have said a damn thing, maybe you need to look inside yourself.

Coincidence, statistics, racism... no matter why they chose Tyrone, any other name could have been taken as offensive to any other group of people as well. So how about you stop being so sensative and stop trying to find things that offend you and just let it roll of your back. Be the bigger person, elevate above the hate, dont be brought down by one stereotype.

UnHoly_One1253d ago

Null, please tell me that was supposed to end with /s.


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