Does Rocksteady Hint at Future IP Through Batman: Arkham Knight?

Rocksteady has pulled out all the stops for the last Batman game in their trilogy, but have they imbedded hints of a possible new game to come?

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Becuzisaid1227d ago

I enjoyed the Queen Industries and Black Canary references. As a fan of the Arrow tv show, I wouldn't mind seeing something attempted.

I'm still not convinced a Superman game can work. They would have to depower him and then that would strip the feeling of actually being Superman.

If anything I wouldn't mind seeing Rocksteady attempting a Batman Beyond game.

Summons751227d ago

We've only seen that one leaked character. It could be they are making a Justice League Game which would be a lot better than a standalone Superman game.

jb2271225d ago

I think the smart money is on a JL game over a standalone Superman game in my opinion. I think the whole idea of the dualplay mechanic from Arkham Knight was meant to be a testing ground for the team dynamic of JL. It just screams Justice League to me, and w/ the very real possibility of Montreal's game being a Suicide Squad title in time for the film, chances of a JL game from Rocksteady in time for any of those films are very high.

That leaked character screen wasn't from Montreal or Rocksteady if you look at the art style, the comic book style & font are just not what either of those guys do really. Seems to me that was more likely taken from a fighter, card game, or an MMO type title. I would bet the farm on a Suicide Squad game from Montreal next fall & a JL game from Rocksteady either the following year in 2017 or in time for the second installment of the JL movie in 2018. The writing is literally all over the walls of Origins & Knight.

Blueraven3161227d ago

Superman is a boring character with boring villains. Try to do a Spider-Man game

Agent_00_Revan1227d ago

Agreed. I love the work that Rocksteady has done, and the games are great. But if the next game is Superman, sadly I'll skip it. I really dislike Superman.

scark921227d ago

I somewhat agree, though if the game is fun then I would pick it up!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1227d ago

I completely disagree. Just because he's not dark and vengeful and doesn't talk like he's recovering from a cold doesn't mean he's boring. Abe Lincoln once said that any man can handle diversity, if you truly want to test a man's character give him power. Supermans power is his struggle. He could easily subjugate the whole world and end crime in an instant. But he chooses to do things the right way. Which is harder than it sounds. Fists can't fix every problem.

headshotfrosty1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Here's how you do Superman...Start off like they did red dead redemption. A backstory with supermans father on Krypton. Enemies would be native kryptonians and thus balance out the power. After several hours of backstory as his dad you jettison baby superman off to earth. Meanwhile, enemies from krypton follow behind. Once on earth, you can control Clark thru various side quests and missions that involve solving puzzles, meeting new characters, building relationships. At any pint and time random events trigger that require you to maintain as clark or choose to change into superman. Storylines built around this mechanic. Choice. As for Superman's powers..don't strip him. Simply make the enemies smarter. His weakness is kryptonite. Stretch the fantzsy just a bit and make it so that the enemies who followed baby SM to earth brought along radiation that mutates humans or weaponry infused with small amounts of kryptonite ie bullets, tank shells, armor, etc. that make enemies feasible. No matter what make tight flight controls. Think Arkham Knight but with kryptonite infused soldiers and alien enemy types. SM is only overpowered to normal humans etc. End game being aliens trying to recreate krypton on earth. Mutating humans to become workers and labors.

Der_Kommandant1227d ago

Spawn + Rocksteady = Epicness

deadpoolio3161227d ago

That would have worked in 1997...Its 2015 literally nobody but a handful of people stuck in the 90s still read or care about Spawn...

morganfell1227d ago

I disagree concerning Spawn. That is a character waiting to be reborn. And MacFarlane had stated that Comicon start was the date by which he planned on having the new Spawn movie script complete.

The thing about Rocksteady is they are a subsidiary of Warner Brothers and as such you are looking at the DC universe.

Otherwise, there is a Netflix series in development base don a comic that I have always followed. It is a story that is easy to start at the origin and go through until you hit a good spot for a first game ending.

Iron Fist.

fanboysmackdown1227d ago

Ummmm pretty sure they said they are done with that character.

Legion211227d ago

Batman Beyond is technically a different character

scark921227d ago

They are... 'Beyond Batman'

fanboysmackdown1227d ago

Exactly....what are you trying to do Legion21, split mole hairs?

_-EDMIX-_1227d ago

Agreed! Underrated Batman show! Would love to see them do a game on that!

one day

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