Ubisoft Posts Q1 Earnings, Digital Sales Account for 56 Percent of Revenue

Last year, Ubisoft had a great first quarter thanks to the release of Watch Dogs. The new IP helped rake in around €360.1 million ($397.3 million) for Q1 2014-2015. However, this year there was no such title to match those sales figures. As a result, Ubisoft has posted its Q1 2015-2016 earnings report that show the company has reaped €96.6 million ($106.58 million) for the period that ended on June 30.

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Vegamyster1255d ago

"Ubisoft’s sales by platform showed the PlayStation 4 leading the pack with 27 percent of the sales for Q1 2015-2016 and the PC platform coming in second with 23 percent."

I remember when Ubisoft a few years ago said 95% of PC gamers were pirates lol.

SeanDKnight1255d ago

I know right!? But it pains me that so many PC gamers are buying their products and registering for Uplay. I stopped buying Ubisoft games years ago for the way they treated PC gamers and haven't played any of them games in all of this time.

cfc831254d ago

Shows you they lied about why digital games are expensive. Real reason is that many people pay more money for their crap games.

u4one1254d ago

A good example of why you can't use as an accurate sales metric as some people on here like to do. Personally I'm buying everything digital so far this gen and it's working out.

MSBAUSTX1254d ago

Lol this is true because by the time you beat one of their games it is only worth a few bucks in store credit. Might as well buy it digital if you cant sell it later for any money in return.