Sony's Shahid Ahmad Reminisces on Years of Success on PS4, PS Vita and More; Shares Many Anecdotes

Sony’s Shahid Ahmad is well known among PlayStation fans. As Strategic Content Director at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, he’s one of the men behind many games coming to PS4 and PS Vita.

Today he was in a reminiscing mood, and decided to share on Twitter a veritable wealth of anecdotes that made his last few years at PlayStation special.

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KryptoniteTail987d ago

Get more Vita games out to us then.

MegaRay986d ago

The only Sony worker, who likes the Vita :(

chrisx987d ago

Alot of great guys/gamers in the Sony Ps band. Its no coincidence that Ps is ruling the world

RPGrinder987d ago

PS4 is ruling the world.

Sony Software and Sony handhelds are not doing great.

spacedelete987d ago

PS4 is selling but PS4 games aren't ?

RPGrinder986d ago

Sony first party software sales are not in the top 10 of US or Japan.

feelforlove986d ago

what do you mean? Killzone, Knack, Infamous, TLOU R and Bloodborne all sold over 1 million.

Rookie_Monster987d ago

Another great Sony guy. Glad he is on the team. I remembered him being the first person to response regarding fans fear of DRM and always needing internet connection being implemented on PS4 by comforting us PS fans and made sure our voices could be heard.

Elronza986d ago

I like his perspective ,but the PS Vita needs a shot of adrenaline asap! Don't get me wrong I have much love for my 3G PS Vita but to act as if the PS Vita's sells and first party software support are perfect is a bold faced lie. I also own an Nvidia Shield Portable which is worlds better than my PS Vita with regards to PS4 Remote Play and Software support,and I don't feel that is right especially as the PS Vita's games cost more by a good margin. Videos posted below proving the Nvidia Shield can Remote Play PS4 games. Come on Sony support the PS Vita like the PSP was supported and they will fly off shelves!

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