Xbox One Fall 2015 dashboard update: Cortana, Windows 10 and more

Want to know all about the Xbox One Fall 2015 dashboard update?

TechU4ria breaks down Cortana, backwards compatibility, Windows 10 streaming and more.

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gangsta_red1230d ago

Can't wait, this is a much needed and welcome change to the X1 dashboard...which to this day is still confusing. Especially coming off of the ease of the 360.

IraqCombatVet1230d ago

It's supposed to fix a lot of the laggy issues too and make the UI faster and more instantaneous. But we'll see.

Looking forward to trying out Cortana.

FlexLuger1230d ago

"Looking forward to trying out Cortana."

I think I want a kinect for its voice features. looking forward to the things this update brings. especially crossplay and DX12. Looking forward to future MMOs. Neverwinter is fun, but wae are ready for something bigger on xbox, now and we want to be able to play it with PC gamers. one massive army!. Ill be getting an elite controllers and the 500X or 420x wireless headset later on this year so it feels like a refreshed console for me. And I have only had an XB1 since may. I like it. Im looking forward to the OS update, the games and my new peripherals :)

Septic1230d ago

I really cant wait for the Cortana feature.

Hey Cortana, invite xxx to the party
Hey Cortana, record the last 40 seconds of gameplay. Then proceed to name it
Hey Cortana, hold meh

I'm super excited about this OS. The new speed of it plus the new overlay is wicked. Cant wait to test it out!

Kingdomcome2471230d ago

I figured it would for sure still be included as a feature, but it's nice to actually see a screenshot of the new OS with a custom background.

Julion07151230d ago

The xbox dashboard isn't all that bad now but the new one looks to improve on the complaints ppl had

IraqCombatVet1230d ago

Yeah, it can only get better. One thing I love about Xbox is the dashboard updates. They are usually pretty incredible.

tmh35931229d ago

Because Microsoft is truly listening to what the gamers want. I couldn't believe they're making bc work on the one and so many other things they've done that fans have asked for.

Erik73571230d ago

The one thing Microsoft does do a fantastic job at is the user interface .

Rookie_Monster1230d ago

This new UI dashboard looks great. This update should also add the first wave of BC games as well so it will be a pretty significant update.

u4one1230d ago

looks great. way more simplified to get to friends/parties. i'm also looking forward to better, less rigid voice commands that do more a la cortana.

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The story is too old to be commented.