Have Faith in Nintendo – They Know What They’re Doing

Twinfinite says,
"The knee-jerk reaction for many gamers across the industry was to pan Nintendo following their decidedly underwhelming Digital Event at E3. While it may not have garnered the same excitement that Sony and Microsoft received (and let’s be honest – those were both incredibly tough acts to follow), it still showed off a plethora of new and exciting content coming within the next year or so."

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superchiller1254d ago

I'm sorry, but this article comes across as a series of excuses and attempts to minimize or ignore all the mistakes Nintendo has made recently. If Nintendo "knows what they're doing", they wouldn't have bet the bank on a gimmick for the Wii U, leading to its failure to thrive on the market (and the need to rush out their next console so soon, the NX). If they knew what they were doing, they also would have: improved their online services; ported many more games to the Virtual Console; funded more game developers to bring new titles to the Wii U; changed their draconian DRM policies to tie digital purchases to accounts, not hardware; done away with obsolete and unwanted region restrictions; and focused on giving their fans what the FANS want, not what NINTENDO wants. All these excuses don't change the fact that Nintendo is just out of touch with the gaming community, they need to change, and change ASAP, or they'll never regain their supremacy in the gaming hobby we all love.

marloc_x1254d ago

I forgive you schiller :)

FarEastOrient1253d ago

The virtual boy, NES robot, and WiiU are examples of Nintendo knowing what they're doing. :( s/

alex1015941253d ago

100% agreed. It's sad how they've fallen. Nintendo does NOT know what they're doing. They called VR a joke and it not being fun. VR has kept many gamers intrigued while Nintendo'S same 20 year old franchise isn't. Is it really so hard to take chances? This is why I support PlayStation so much because they take RISKS.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Reason why VR wont be fun it because it not a family thing. It a user only thing.

Unless some family were able to get multiple VR headset which will cost a lot.

Nintendo cares about shared experiences.

Nerdmaster1253d ago

"Is it really so hard to take chances?"

I don't know if you're really serious. You're talking about a company that's trying to change the way games are played (first with motion controls and now with a tablet-like controller) while other companies still keep the old joystick model (or fail terribly by trying to imitate Nintendo with stuff like Kinect and Move).

You're talking about a company that made a device taking the risk to fully embrace 3D when others offered few games that supported it. It was even the first one to experiment with VR, even though it was unsuccessful.

You're talking about a company that takes the risk to offer different experiences with their consoles instead of relying in pure hardware power like other companies do.

You're talking about the company that took the risk to have the first consoles that used analog controls and rumble.

You're talking about a company that took the risk to fund the sequel to a game that wasn't very successful in other platforms.

Nintendo even takes risks by releasing new IPs that, because they aren't as successful as its most famous ones, anti-Nintendo gamers pretend they don't exist and keep saying that it only has the same old franchises.

So although I agree that Nintendo isn't in its best moments saleswise and quantitywise, please bite your tongue before saying that Nintendo doesn't take risks.

fungusar1253d ago

What risks has Sony taken with the playstation?

Maybay1253d ago


That's very valid criticism about Nintendo, without the snarky undertones.

freshslicepizza1253d ago

the way they have handled online gaming and how well supported their consoles are with software support shows exactly how nintendo doesn't know what they are doing. or even worse, they don't care.

kevnb1253d ago

they dominate the handheld market though, its not that big a deal that the wii u didnt catch on. The vita has been a hige failure for sony, but the ps4 is doing well.

MSBAUSTX1253d ago

I see some PS4 owners read your comment. But you are right the 3DS and Wii U are just an inverse version of what the PS4 and Vita are. One a success and another not as successful. One supported immensely and one not. Both companies are making money. I dont see the issue with this line of thinking at all. So the Wii U hasnt sold as much as the Wii. We move on and try again.

Spookshow1253d ago

Well said @Nerdmaster!

VR is crap and it doesn't represent the future of gaming, at least in its current form. Wearing a helmet to see minecraft holograms? Gimmick, will fail like knect did.

Nintendo is a company I respect profoundly, even despite their many errors. New games from other companies nowadays are flashy graphic-wise but offer so little challenge/fun, there are jewels here and there like the Soul series or whatnot.

MSBAUSTX1253d ago

Hololens isnt VR it is AR. But youre right. All devices you strap to your face are not what I want in the future of gaming. If people didnt like the game pad why in the hell would they want something that straps to your skull? Wont work out in the end. Going to be way too expensive too.

Sylth011253d ago

Every one of the things you bring up are things, from my point of view, nintendo has done or is in the process of doing.

Banking it all on a 'gimmick'? You do seem to love that word, as it crops up in every post you make bashing the Wii U. I guess everything to you that is not a standard controller is a gimmick. How bout those VR headsets that are coming out soon? The Kinect? Playstation move, I believe it was called? What about the off-tv play both the PS4 and XBoxOne sport? Gimmicks, the lot of them, based on your definition.

Rush out their next console so soon? Last I heard the best estimate is sometime in 2017, which would put it around the 5 year mark. Hardly rushed. And no guarantee its a replacement for the Wii U as you infer.

Their online services are much better than they were last Gen. Connections are better, they are releasing games with more of an online bent (like splatoon), and replacing the old club nintendo with, supposedly, a unified account.

They have explained why porting games to the VC takes time, and I have accepted their reasoning. It would seem you do not.

They have funded game developers this generation, for games such as Devils Third and Bayonetta. Or were you referring to third party companies like Ubisoft or EA? The ones that abandoned the Wii U after ports that were decidedly the worst version?

The whole digital purchases and accounts point is being updated with the unified account as mentioned earlier.

They have stated before that they wish to get rid of region locking. As there has been no further info, while the goal is there, I must concede this point to you.

They have been giving the fans what they want. "DLC!", the fans cried out. They come back with well-priced DLC for Mario Kart, SSB, Hyrule Warriors, and Amiibo. "Something New!", they say. Splatoon, Mario Maker, S.T.E.A.M. are released. Their online is getting better, they're moving to a unified account, Amiibos are the nintendo collectibles fans have wanted for years. The overblown reaction to a single E3 game cannot be used as a basis for ignoring fans.

Yes they need to change. And they are. You just seem too blind to see it.

superchiller1253d ago

It's diehard "fans" like you who are contributing to the Death of Nintendo. By making excuses for every poor product and bad decision from the company, you encourage them to stay the course, and to continue down a path leading to failure. Each valid point that I made, you minimize and try to dismiss. You fail to hold this company accountable for their actions. How very sad, the gaming company that you profess to love and support, is the very company you are destroying.

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Yukes1254d ago

Appreciate it's your opinion, but seriously - Nintendo really do not seem to know what they're doing. It all publicly began with the ominshambles that was the Wii U announcement and it hasn't got much better since then.

FallenAngel19841254d ago

Wii U is Nintendo's least influential console, there is much reason to lose faith. They couldn't adapt to HD development quick enough which gave the console many drought periods between big releases. Idk how people are fine with a major console taking 2.5 years just to sell 10 million units.

Sylth011253d ago

Simple. The games are good. If you own the console and like the games, the sales of the console don't really matter to you. The fact that you enjoy the games and the system do. The fact that it took a console 2.5 years to sell 10 mil doesn't even register.

As for droughts, I personally have more than enough to play on my Wii U to fill in for the periods of no releases.

FallenAngel19841253d ago

Thy doesn't change the fact Wii U is doing terrible in the market. The sales of the console do matter because it determines how much support the console will get from third parties.

Objectively speaking, the drought periods are still annoying for a platform that's been ok the market for 2.5 years.

Spotie1254d ago

Certainly doesn't seem like it. In the console sphere, anyway.

RalphBlutawn1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

No, they don't... They're back to being the laughing stock of the gaming community. It's a shame too, they were starting to gain some momentum with that excellent previous year.

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