Halo 5 New Warzone Map Is Biggest Ever, Inspired By Original Halo

Today on the first day of Comic-Con, just as Microsoft said it would, the company announced a new Warzone multiplayer map for Halo 5: Guardians. It's called Raid on Apex 7, and it's the biggest ever Warzone map revealed so far. That's saying something, too, since the 12v12 Warzone itself is the largest mode in Halo multiplayer history; its maps are four times the size of anything seen in the franchise before.

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spicelicka1253d ago

with this and the hero reborn vidoc my hype level is uncontainable right now.

HSDT05971253d ago

Same here, I can't wait to play this!

Naga1253d ago

I might have just peed a little.

TheRedButterfly1253d ago

It's a great year to be an Xbox fan, and even moreso to be a Halo fan. This Holiday is gonna be ridiculous in the best way possible!