Gaming Today Preview: Silent Hill: Homecoming


''I've said it before and I'll say it again.. if anyone ever invites you to visit a sleepy little lake town called Silent Hill, run screaming in the other direction because you're probably dead or have some serious baggage in your past that will soon come back to bite you.

While from the initial impressions I can't give you an overall sense of the story in this latest version of Silent Hill, I can talk about some of the changes that Konami and its development partner Double Helix Games are making to freshen up the long running horror series.

Silent Hill: Homecoming features a bit of a different protagonist for the series. Previous games always focused on the "everyman" characters in horrible situations, a staple of the survival horror genre. This time out the main character, Alex Shepherd is a former Airborne Ranger who is returning home and apparently is looking to discover the fate of his younger brother Jacob.
First impressions are often based on appearance, and this game exhibits all the same trademark qualities of a Silent Hill game, its dark, grimy and bizzare. The settings are incredibly distressed and the monster designs are more than a little disturbing.''

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