Big Ant Hints on Don Bradman Cricket sequel

CricketGaming: Big Ant Studios hints on a sequel for their popular cricket game Don Bradman Cricket 14 on twitter.

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sizeofyou1226d ago

Genuine did it sell this year? Can't imagine it flew off of shelves. Is it like the Tour de France games? Minor tweaks and name changes but fans buy enough??

showtimefolks1225d ago

It actually sold quite well in Pakistan and India. I don't know the exact numbers but the demand was quite high.

You have to understand this was the first decent cricket game in a long long time. With the amount of fans for cricket, I was surprised EA didn't try to do a proper cricket game. Their games were ok

It's the 2nd biggest game in the world only behind football. There is a huge market for it but if done right

CricketGaming1225d ago

For your information guys, this game is considered one of the best by the critics all over the world. Cricket gaming fans doesn't have much choices like the soccer, nfl or other sports gaming fans.