Gaming Today Preview: Dark Void

GT reports:

''Dark Void is what you'd get if you somehow broke the laws of science and mated Gears of War, Crimson Skies, and The Rocketeer. And trust me, I mean that as a huge compliment. The demo on the showcase floor of E3 2008 was a very early build according to the presenter there, but I was still able to get a good feel of the game and the vision they're going for. So far, it looks like they're on track to make a game that should definitely make for a unique experience when it comes out.

The demo started out playing very much like Gears of War (hell, even the presenter told me they were basically "the same controls as Gears"). You basically take cover behind walls or corners and blast at the alien-robot things that are trying to shoot you. The parts I saw contained a couple different human weapons (i.e. "using bullets") and a couple different alien ones (that use laser blasts). You can also take out anemies with special melee attacks if you get close enough to them. The game didn't really seem like anything special until I jumped off a cliff and started hovering around with the jet pack. From there, I could rain down bullets on the enemies below, though I had to be careful to land in the right area.''

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