The Vanishing of Ethan Carter PS4 Graphics Comparison 2014 vs 2015

The news of the imminent release of Vanishing of Ethan Carter on the PS4 cheered probably more than one of the players. Interestingly, the creators have for us another nice surprise.
Below video shows how much the graphics improved since last year Gamescom PS4 presentation. One is sure, there will be no downgrade.

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NewMonday1051d ago

an actual upgrade, a developer dose it right for a change

crazysapertonight1051d ago

like low resolution vs normal

kraenk121051d ago

It'a actually more than just resolution. It's lighting and color grading as well.

ShinMaster1050d ago

Yeah it's stylistically a bit different.

kraenk121051d ago

The game is amazing on PC already. Hope we get an update too.

ravencry1051d ago

They already said that the update will be free for pc users.

the astronauts devs are awesome

starchild1051d ago

Yeah, they are rebuilding the game in Unreal Engine 4 and it will be a free upgrade for those of us that already bought it on PC.

It already looks quite impressive in UE3, so I can't wait to see how it improves in UE4.

kraenk121050d ago

Oh great, didn't know that!

MasterCornholio1051d ago

More developers should do this.


Adrian_v011051d ago

This is one of the most beautiful games of last gen.

PowerPlayaaa1051d ago (Edited 1051d ago )

How can this be last gen when it came out last year??
Please do tell me.

It's a current gen title, not last gen.

Adrian_v011051d ago

Sorry, for some reason I thought it was out for PS3 besides PC. My bad. The more you know.

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