9 Simple Steps to a Sega Revival

Just follow this 9-step program.

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MCTJim1227d ago

I agree with the article to an extent but have a different view of games that I would remake. Sega, you were masters of the Arcade Generation..release some of those especially Virtua Racing, Sega Rally and a proper Streets of Rage. The rest of the list you created was pretty good :D

9 Words of Wisdom to Sega

1. Please
2. Stop
3. Making
4. Games
5. That
6. Really
7. Suck
8. You
9. Dopes

DemonChicken1227d ago

1. Stop
2. Spewing
3. Sonic
4. games
5. start
6. localising
7. your
8. better
9. games

1227d ago
Tdmd1227d ago

PSO2, Skies of Arcadia 2, localize yakuza, and a new valkyria chronicles on consoles. If I were allowed to dream extra high, I'd also add shenmue remake to that list. There: sega would be epic again in my book.

FallenAngel19841227d ago

Its not simple for a corporation to simply reverse its fortunes. SEGA would have to do more than release a few quality games here and there.

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