Gaming Today Preview: Castlevania Judgement


''Castlevania Judgement is a fighting game for the Wii that's set in the Castlevania world…and that should be enough to give anyone pause. The game unfortunately falls into that annoying category of titles on the E3 showcase floor that I picked up out of curiosity, realized I didn't like, and ended up feigning interest for several minutes while the presenter tried to tell me more about it. Then I usually scurried off the instant their attention went elsewhere. In this case though, even the presenter didn't seem to care too much. It's really too bad though, since the concept of the game and a few of the ideas presented in it are a little different and interesting, but the whole package is just terribly executed.

The demo allowed me to play as three characters: Maria, Simon Belmont, and Alucard. They all of course have their own special moves and such, not to mention a selection of extra weapons. As Simon, you can choose the knife or the cross, which work as a long-range projectile or a short-range boomerang, respectively. So of course, you simply choose your fighter and battle through the rest of the cast, all while the story is explained through expositional conversations between fights.''

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