Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Achievements Revealed

Find out all the achievements that will be available when Gears of War: Ultimate Edition releases in August

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Digital_Anomaly928d ago

Gimme the cheevos! GIMME THE CHEEVOS!!!

I know I won't be claiming every one of them but with the number of hours I hope to sink into this I hope to come close! Ha ha!

generalwinter928d ago

Yeah I must admit I'm an achievement hound myself, but some of them seem impossible

Minimox16928d ago

Yeah totally
I can't believe that the include again!!! Seriously achievement !! (Kill 10,000 people in Versus competitive matches) wow :/

RJ92009927d ago

Did it once ill do it again!!

slappy508928d ago

Dont really like online achievements all that much but still, looking forward to playing this

RJ92009928d ago

Sweet got them all in the first gears now to do it again!!!

urwifeminder928d ago

Still have not completed a single game this gen as far as all achievements It may not happen lol.