Spiderman: Web of Shadows - Comic Con 08 trailer

Activision published a new Spiderman: Web of Shadows trailer. Enjoy.

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Yi-Long3706d ago

... but that's pretty much the only positive thing I can say about it.

I'm a huge Spidey fan, but this will not even make it into my house if they'd give it away: Voice-acting sounds poor, graphics are very mediocre, city looks like it belongs on a PSP, and designwise it's nothing like spider-man, with the costume-change between red/blue to black and back, including different (made-up) powers.

I cant believe they find it so hard to make a decent game about such an interesting character with a story, villains and powers perfectly suited for a videogame. Bunch of amateurs.

And wow... it has Wolverine in it. I love Wolverine, dont get me wrong... but that wont convince me to buy this game.

Ofcourse, the game isnt finished yet, and they can still improve on stuff.... but I seriously doubt it. They just wanna make a quick cash-in on the spidey-license, selling it to fanboys and teens.