Why Games Need to Spend More Time On Their Introduction

OnlySP: Something that I have been thinking about a lot lately is game introductions. No, I’m not talking about how a video game is revealed. I’m talking about when you first start up a single player game and are introduced to the main characters, storyline, and setting. The hook, as you may call it. I recently revisited Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor after watching Andy Gilleand’s feature length movie on it and I realized the game’s main storyline really could have been so much more.

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Rimeskeem1168d ago

The introduction is what should pull people into the game. Make them want more.

Games that do this well imo:

Uncharted 2
Halo (some more than others)
God of War 3

scark921168d ago

Far Cry 3 impressed me also! in recent memory what came to mind! and I also love Fahrenheit's introduction!

KarmaV121168d ago

Far Cry 4 intro was amazing. Pagan Min is such a bad as* in it.

Mr Tretton1168d ago

IDK, some of my all time favorite games got a little more to the point. That's what pulls me in. Activity. Since, you know, it's a GAME.

PockyKing1168d ago

That's what the article implies btw if you read it (or maybe you did). I think introductions need to do a better job of connecting you with the other characters and such, while being more interactive in nature rather than cutscenes.

Mr Tretton1168d ago

I was making a general statement and not replying directly to the article. I also didn't read all of it when I saw (SPOILER) although I think I saw too much. >:[

PockyKing1168d ago

Ah, the spoiler is from like the first 15 minutes, it's not a huge spoiler for the game at all, don't worry.

Cam9771168d ago

Assassins Creed III would lead you to think otherwise.
That game was too boring and hardly anything happened when you first took the ropes as connor.

PersonMan1168d ago

Assassin's Creed 3 was my favorite AC game ever. I dunno... I just connected with it I suppose. No other AC has done that to me since then.

Cam9771168d ago

Oh wow, first time I've heard that. Glad you enjoyed it so much, though!

PersonMan1167d ago

I think I liked the hunting in it, as well as the snow parts. It was also the first Assassin's Creed game where you could run along trees.

Like I said, it just clicked with me. I need to go back and play that again.

I also liked the Desmond modern day parts.

It also had just the right amount of sea battles. I wasn't a huge fan of AC Black Flag because there was just too many sea parts.

TeamLeaptrade1168d ago

There are times where I just want to get to the game, but I totally understand those who want a nice introduction to the game. For me, it's 50/50. I like to have a nice intro, but I don't like it to be overly long though.

LAWSON721168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Presentation means a whole lot, a game needs to grab your attention the moment you start it up not everyone has the time or patience to wait for a game to get interesting. It is not always the deciding factor in a games quality but usually the most popular games have solid presentation from the start