Did The Announement of Metroid Prime Federation Force Deserve The Backlash It Received?

FGE - Since the release of Metroid Other M in 2010 the series, which helped form one half of the genre ‘metroidvania’, has laid dormant. Many fans of Metroid, including myself, have spent the last few years wondering what was next for the series; were Retro Studios going to return to make another Prime game after the critical success of the original Metroid Prime trilogy, or would Nintendo give us the first 2D Metroid since the release of Metroid Zero Mission on the Game Boy Advance in 2004?

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Abash1228d ago

I have seen at least three articles trying to defend this game. Metroid fans have been begging for a new Metroid game, especially another Prime game, and this is what Nintendo chooses to give

It's an insult and trying to justify this game is only saying to Nintendo "Hey you can do this with all your other series too, we'll give you our money either way"

ShinMaster1228d ago

The problem is that it's been years since Metroid Prime and Nintendo didn't really announce anything else to make up for it.

Some of my most anticipated Nintendo games had already been announced before.

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SteamPowered1228d ago

The backlash wouldnt be so strong if there was an actual Metroid game on the horizon. Right now gamers would rather wait for another full-on Metroid rather than these spin-offs. I would anyways.

SmokingMonkey1228d ago

Drop "Metroid Prime" from the title.

do it....

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The story is too old to be commented.