PlayStation 4 makes way more money for Ubisoft than Xbox One

Last quarter, PlayStation 4 represented 27 percent of Ubisoft's sales while Xbox One was only 11 percent.

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fermcr1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Not surprised. Everybody knows that PS4 sells more games then the X1... and most people will purchase the multiplat game on the console that looks and plays the best.
Simply put, Microsoft lost the multiplat market this gen and that's what's hurting them the most.

What surprises me is that after so many shi**y Ubisoft PC ports, they still make quite a lot of money from the PC.

MightyNoX1225d ago

Then how do we explain how Xbox 360's revenue MATCHES the Bone's?

Kinda confirms my hypothesis that the Bone will not be a good platform for 3rd parties this gen.

amiga-man1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

And that simple fact gives Sony and the Playstation platform far more influence this gen, Developers will want to be using the PS4 as their lead platform and gives Sony a strong hand when when it comes to negotiating exclusive content etc.

Sales do matter no matter how some try to downplay it.

uptownsoul1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

And this article shows why console sales matter. 3rd party Pubs/Devs are coming to this crazy conclusion that their games sell better on the platform in the most homes. The more and more 3rd parties notice this, the more they will prioritize the platforms that bring in the most revenue, because 3rd party Pubs/Devs are for profit businesses.

GMR_PR1225d ago

Expected, PS4 user base is almost 2:1.

thekhurg1225d ago

With that type of control, 3rd party studios are crazy to have exclusive gamed on the xbone. They will miss out on too many sales.

ThePope1225d ago

Exclusive content will go to whoever spends the money to get it. Period. The end. Its not like Ubisoft will give Sony exclusive content if MS is trying to pay for it. These developers don't have fanboy bias and look at things objectively. If Sony wont pay what the developer thinks the content is worth and MS will the developer will say "bye Felisha!"

The other important aspect to developers is attach rate. the 2:1 sales advantage by Sony matters not as there are still 12+ million consumers to sell to on the X1 and history is repeating itself with fantastic attach rates on the X1. The PS4 is showing the same attach rate this gen, especially compared to last gen when the PS3 lagged behind the X360.

Mightynox what are you talking about: "Kinda confirms my hypothesis that the Bone will not be a good platform for 3rd parties this gen"

If the developers make money on the investment in making a game for both platforms (which are basically identical) they will be more than happy to make games for the X1 and PS4.

Lastly, the title of this article sounds like a 10 year old wrote it. Get your act together N4G.

zeuanimals1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

@The Pope:

And if neither will pay for exclusive content, it's more likely the content will go to the PS4 first or forever because its going to see the most profits from the PS4, profits that might outweigh the potential sales and costs of having it on other platforms. It's how the PS2 had so many 3rd party exclusives, because making games on other platforms simply wasn't worth it.

And you're downplaying the difference in attach rate. They could be the same percentage, but that's the problem with percentages, they don't tell you raw numbers. If the PS4 and XBO have an attach rate of 5 games to every console, then that's still far more for the PS4 because there's so many more consoles out there. This article even states that the PS4 makes way more money for Ubisoft, how are they the same? We also don't know if the XBO is at 12+ million.

And your hypothetical about developers making more money on making games for both is just that, a hypothetical. It costs money to make games for both, if the potential sales of their game on one platform doesn't exceed the costs of development, they won't bother unless, like you said, the platform holder with less sales pays for it to come to their system as well. Again, the same thing happened with the PS2.

Also, Xbox gamers really have got to stop saying that indies, Japanese games, and niche titles don't matter. The PS2 pulled ahead of the Xbox because of similar titles. Indies and niche titles serve a similar purpose as the mid-tier developed games of the previous eras that were wiped out by the last-gen consoles due to the fact that sales were split pretty evenly between the two HD consoles. It was a lose lose situation, make the game on both consoles and try to recoup the immense costs or make it for one and only sell it to half of the potential buyers. A lot of prominent devs fell because of this.

donthate1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )


You should instead ask yourself why is the Xbox One matching the revenue of Xbox 360 and PS3, when both last generation console has far bigger user base?

To me then it seems like the Xbox One is doing well, but yeah PS4 has a bigger user base so we expect them to have a higher revenue.

Also 3rd party marketing deals is dependent on the deal i.e. what sort of support the platform holder will give. I expect 3rd party to flock to PS4, because the Xbox One is heavily focusing on first party games and exclusives. You can only promote so much games on one platform so you either fill it up with 3rd party or you fill it up on first/second party.

GameDev11225d ago

@The Pope

Deals dont only matter on who throws money, there is also company relationship(Warner Bros for Sony or Bethesda for MS) and market leader advantage. You can get constant money and royalties by sticking with the best selling console/ market leader, you get most of that userbase and the userbase on the other console so there is no loss there

MS throwing money at the deal is less of an investment as the game company gets the money as a once off while losing a huge consistent money by sticking to the bigger userbase

Also that excuse of bigger money for the deal is desperate, as doesnt MS have more money than Sony? Why are they losing out on most of the big market deals then

amiga-man1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Pope is typical of xbox owners, believing that MS is willing to throw whatever money it takes to secure software deals in their favour,

MS have to work to budgets and with the PS4 so dominant in sales any deals MS try to make become increasingly more expensive to secure, while strong PS4 sales make it much easier for Sony to tie up deals.

Call Of Duty is a perfect example of this.

iTechHeads1225d ago

'Then how do we explain how Xbox 360's revenue MATCHES the Bone's?'

What is there to explain? XB1 isn't growing fast enough to make Ubisoft more money than the 360 is.

What's really impressive is how PS4 at 27% makes more money than XB1 and 360 combined at 22% Wow.

zeuanimals1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )


The installbase of the 360 and PS3 aren't as high as they used to be. Console sales aren't equal to a console's installbase, console sales only tell you how many have been sold and installbase tells you how many are in use and there's a big discrepancy between the two when a new generation starts.

New generations mean that people who own last gen consoles will probably move on to current gen consoles. 3rd party sales on last gen consoles also drop dramatically just at the start of a new gen and it continues to drop as the generation goes on.

It's not a good thing that the XBO is doing as well as the previous gen consoles. That's like a 20 year old being tied in a footrace with a 100 year old, and the 20 year old is determined to win, he's not just trying to be courteous to an old man. Not only that, the 20 year old is giving it his all while the 100 year old is just strolling along, he doesn't even realize he's in a race, he's just on his morning stroll.

And LOL at that last part. It's possible to advertise and support both 3rd and 1st party offerings. If there was a good reason for 3rd parties to go to the XBO, they would and MS would likely oblige like they have been since they started the entire exclusive content BS.

johndoe112111225d ago


"Lastly, the title of this article sounds like a 10 year old wrote it."

Interesting, the title and your comment have something in common. Do you have any idea how much inaccuracies are in your comment?

Irishguy951225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )


Amiga man


Its actually hilarious finding old fanboys. So hows that p2p doing amiga-man?

fr0sty1225d ago

pope, first of all, if one console has 12 million more sold than the other, in order for a company like Ubi to make an exclusivity deal, Microsoft would have to pay Ubi an amount of money that would offset the losses of shrinking their install base by 12 million. MS has a lot of money to throw around, Xbox as a division does not. Why? The Xbox division has never once turned a profit (they still sit a few billion in the red as we speak, and have been there since the first Xbox), and with a track record like that, Microsoft shareholders aren't giving the Xbox division blank checks to write to any software developer they want to. This is why you don't see Microsoft buying up all the best game studios or paying for exclusives left and right.

As for attach rate, it means nothing when one console has double the sales of the other... or when games on the higher selling console consistently sell more copies.

amiga-man1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Irishguy Believe me I am not happy paying for online and I blame MS for bringing that model to console gaming and the only reason I am willing to pay for online is because of the value of PS+ and the free games on offer.

Believe me without that there is no way I would be paying just for online with so much hidden behind a paywall like MS did with the 360, so my principles remain intact, though that is not to say I think it's right but like I said you can blame MS for bringing it to gaming

I am just glad gamers saw past MS greed this gen with DRM always online and kinect, gamers quite rightly said no.

Nick_The_Slick1225d ago

I don't know genius... Perhaps 85 million 360's vs 13 million X1's have something to do with that?

ThePope1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

First of all folks this is nothing like the PS2 era as they didn't compete in such an aggressive way as Sony and Ms do.

Second, what kind of question is what if neither pay for exclusive content?? If neither pay for it both consoles get it. Guys take off the blinders. This is business. No developer is just going to give something to Sony just cause.

Third, attach rate is what percentage of gamers of a particular console are going to buy game X. They can use that as one of the tools to extrapolate potential profit. Now try and follow along; how many consoles Sony and ms have out does not effect the earning potential of the other console. Attach rate has only to do with the console in question. Y number of consoles sold x attach rate % = games sold on said console X profit per game = profit on said console - cost = net profit. Go to school.

Fourth, more games sold = more money made. Are you really trying to argue that?? The consoles are basically the same, development for both consoles is far easier than last gen so yes the developer will 100% make more money.

Fifth, MS did far more for indies last gen than Sony did but people seem to forget that this gen

Sixth, stop saying "MS throw money at things" both Sony and MS throw money around and pretending like they don't make you look foolish. MS didn't lose CoD they see the law of diminishing returns and would rather put their money elsewhere. It is an economic fact; who ever spends the most for something will 100% of the time get it. If Sony wanted Fallout on their stage and offered them enough money they would have been there. Folks take a business class.


Irishguy951225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Yeah yeah whatever amiga-man, shift the blame to MS. Let Sony slide. You know...Sony are 'for the gamers'. XD

Lemme see, sony made a good business decision..while MS are plain old evil right?

LeCreuset1225d ago


Explain how your easily debunked attach rate argument transfers into real world dollars for Ubi.

P.S. Redo the math:

27 (PS4) ÷ 11 (XB1) = 2.45
11 (PS3) ÷ 11 (360) = 1

Most estimates don't have PS4 system sales at 2.45x the XB1, yet. PS3 and 360 console sales are pretty even and it shows that their attach rate for Ubi games is even, too. PS4 would need to outsell XB1 by 2.45x just for the attach rate for Ubi games to be equal. Most estimates don't have it outselling XB1 by that much, yet. So why are PS4 gamers buying Ubi games 2.45x more than XB1 gamers? PS4 has the higher attach rate.

amiga-man1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Irishguy, Sony did make a good business decision but they were basically given little choice, If Sony had bought it to gaming then yes I would have criticised Sony but it was MS so they are responsible.

As for the MS being evil I will let others decide but without them online would still be free.

deadpoolio3161225d ago

What the hell does the 360 have to do with the fact that the SOFTWARE attachment rate is better on PS4 than it is on X1...Its fact when you have one console sell 25-30 million and the other sell between 12-13 million...The 360 literally has NOTHING to do with anything period.

Since we feel the need to bring it up the X1 doesn't have the same FACT 54% failure rate that the 360 had, which cost the MS alot of money for years after

ThePope1225d ago

To those above: you guys have shown several times now that you don't know what attach rate is let alone how it affects developers decision making process so "bye Felicia!"

zeuanimals1225d ago

@The Pope:

You said both of the following:

"Attach rate has only to do with the console in question. Y number of consoles sold x attach rate % = games sold on said console X profit per game = profit on said console - cost = net profit. Go to school."

"To those above: you guys have shown several times now that you don't know what attach rate is let alone how it affects developers decision making process so bye Felicia!"

We do understand what an attach rate is and what affects it has on developers decisions, you don't. You're coming from a standpoint that negates the importance of the higher installbase of the PS4 even though you understand how important it is... The cognitive dissonance is astounding.

memots1225d ago

How did i not know this would turn.. once again into a fanboy stupid tirade

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Cindy-rella1225d ago ShowReplies(5)
RocketScienceLvlStuf1225d ago

This is true for every third party publisher. There is a reason activision switched to PS4 for call of duty.

Advanced warfare sold over double the numbers on PS4.

Everybody knows PS4 is the superior console. Publishers, developers and the people.

MSBAUSTX1225d ago

Superior in one aspect. To blanketly say it is superior in everything is relative and subject to one persons likes over another person.

ThePope1225d ago

The only reason Activision switched over to Sony is that Sony was willing to spend more $$$$ on the exclusive content. No other reason.

GameDev11225d ago


Really, you are really desperate now

The reason Activision moved COD to was because of the success of Destiny, the userbase was the PS4 was bigger and helped move loads of software for them, they are clearly hoping COD bop3 will do the same for them by moving to Sony with the franchise. This is very obvious

MS have money, why would they want to lose out on COD that will help them move console?? Activision clearly knew the better deal would be sticking to the market leader

Its not always about throwing money at the deal, if it was Microsoft would have deals for the likes of Batman, COD, BattleFront (EA of all publishers). Its about advertising for the better userbase

Microsoft throwing money will last once for the game company , sticking with the market leader guarantees the company consistent royalties

jeromeface1225d ago

@msbaaustx It's a matter of opinion.. I agree that its superior period.

Ashlen1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )


Lucky for Sony that one thing happens to be gaming. lol

RocketScienceLvlStuf1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )


I suppose what you are saying is true. Xbone is a superior paper weight or door stopper.

When it comes to gaming and tech PS4 is superior

ThePope1225d ago

When it comes to Cod MS sees the law of diminishing returns and decided to spend their money elsewhere. SMART. Did you happen to hear the statistic that the last 2 cod combined sold less than the one before it? Not to mention MS has halo coming which is shaping up to be the best shooter out. They don't need cod.

I also love how you act as if EA and these other companies are begging Sony to let them advertise with them HAHAHA SONY PAID THESE COMPANIES MONEY.

Homeboy wake up. A. There's no such thing as a better user base (outside of your different brain) B. Sony is the one that has made all sorts of timed exclusive aka throwing money around moves. While MS at E3 announced big exclusives. C. You can call the X1 a paper weight it really just shows your age but it's the console with the best controller ever made that holds a charge (I know you just keep your ps4 controller plugged in) with some of the best games coming out this year. Oh and this little thing called BC. Heard of it? Yeah I just put in my X360 mass effect and away I go and it's still in beta!


deadpoolio3161225d ago

The reason Activision switched to Sony has to do more with the FACT that with Halo coming out MS is going to be more focused on pushing that game over some 3rd party game....

It makes sense if your activision you want to go with the people who are going to give your product the attention it deserves, they already knew what Sony could do for them with the way the pushed Destiny to the moon and back again.

nyzma231224d ago

LOL cod ms just got fallout 4 deal fyi every fallout 4 purchase on xbox one you got fallout 3 for free

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DevilOgreFish1225d ago

"PlayStation 4 makes way more money for Ubisoft than Xbox One"

Is that supposed to be a good thing? I'd rather have quality games rather than making them rich. so far this gen their quality has been lacking.

zeuanimals1225d ago

This has a lot more to say about the landscape of the industry than simply "Ubisoft makes a lot of money". Mid-tier development pretty much died last gen when game sales were split between the 360 and PS3, and mid-tier dev teams couldn't really afford to make games for both. They could either focus on one and not make enough money or make for both and use way too many resources and not recoup the costs. Having the industry move back to how it was in every other generation other than last gen means that mid-tier development can come back, and it already has with a lot of indie devs and other non AAA devs taking the role again.

BitbyDeath1225d ago

These sales are for Ubisoft which makes strong western games. Now imagine what it is like for Japanese companies who never sold well on Xbox before.

This explains why many Japanese companies are now just making PS4/PC games instead.

Expect more to follow.

starchild1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Yeah, it's interesting that the PC makes them nearly as much as the PS4.

Every time this subject comes up and I show evidence that PC game sales as a whole generate more revenue than all consoles combined https://marketrealist.imgix...
there's always some hardcore console fanboys that say something like "yeah but that's just a bunch of indie games and MMOs...the big third party publishers don't care about the PC because they make little money off the PC".

Recently I even heard this one guy claim that third party publishers make "orders of magnitude more money on consoles than on PC". Haha I guess he doesn't have a clue what an order of magnitude is. Ubisoft isn't even a particularly popular publisher with many PC gamers, yet the PC makes them nearly as much as the current leading console platform.

Ahmay1225d ago

yeah but that's just a bunch of indie games and MMOs...the big third party publishers don't care about the PC because they make little money off the PC. heheeeh

anyways I didn't know that, I just thought that pc have a higher user base so they should make for $ for developers.

TheViltsuZ1225d ago

Ahmay do you have any source for you claim? Dark Souls serie for example has sold 3.25 million copies on PC. More than on consoles. Yes, they are cheaper on PC, but Steam for example takes 30%. I heard that Sony takes 70%.

CBaoth1225d ago

"I heard that Sony takes 70%."

You actually believe that? Console Manufacturers take roughly $7 (11%) per $60 game. Pfft 70% lol. Like Activision or EA would pay Sony $42 for every title they sold on a Playstation. No way does Valve even charge 30%.

Germany71224d ago

Your evidences are sites like Gamasutra? And it's hilarious you calling someone a fanboy, one of the biggest fanboys here.
And Ubisoft, like it or not, it's one of the main publishers on the game industry, and PS4 is leading the sales for them, i prefer to trust them than fanboys.

Hurfs1224d ago

Steam does charge up-to 30% (it is lower for most game)! but this is a retail charge. Retailers on the high street charge around the same (they have to make money as well).

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Yahdaree1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

I'm sure this is the case for most publishers... the PS4 has a massive market share lead. I would bet there aren't many, if any, third party games that sell more copied on X1.

Nick_The_Slick1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

These kinds of articles are absolute garbage and are only written to fuel the fanboy wars. It's obvious that with a roughly 2:1 install base, the ps4 will sell more software...

Dynasty20211225d ago

Ubisoft believe PC is worthless, and there's no money there due to piracy.

One, some PC games sell more on release than the new console games combined (look at Cities Skylines. A city building sim sold almost 3 million copies at release. Hardly any next game console games did that).

Two, piracy has been proven countless times to have almost no affect on total sales.

Its not about money when it comes to piracy, its about providing a better service. These pirates will shell out hundreds on the latest SSD/CPU/GPU. You think £20 on a game is going to hurt my bank? No.

Provide a better service (Hi Steam!) and I'll happily pay.

UPlay? Pass thanks. Rubbish service.

sensor211225d ago

Well with so many sales for PS4 this is a stupid article Elder scrolls is a great game and if u take off enemy glow off its a better experience overall !

showtimefolks1225d ago

Without almost double the install base that kind of makes sense. And imo ps4 won't be slowing down anytime soon

As we move forward in this gen we will see more and more publishers choose ps4 as its lead platform, and most likely align with sony when it comes to offering exclusive marketing or exclusive dlc

Ea already learned from titanfall, the sequel is coming to ps4.

I would be shocked if tomb raider doesn't cone out in the first 3 months on ps4. That's why Phil Spencer said the exclusive has a time period and it was announced as a fall 2015 exclusive. I don't think square will want to wait that much, they would want as many sales on ps4 as possible

We already saw call of duty marketing with Sony along with Destiny

Batman marketing was with ps4

Quite possibly the biggest or 2nd biggest game of 2014 (star wars) is also marketing with ps4 exclusively

Ps4 imo humble opinion will surpass 30 million by December 31st 2015. Around early may it was over 24 million. While Xbox one was over 12 million

Professor_K1225d ago

Playstation makes more money...for ubisoft

>more money

top kek

LCEvans1224d ago

why is this even news? playstation shifted more comsoles so its only logical that it would make more profit.

Pointless flame bait article. smh

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akaFullMetal1225d ago

Pc second biggest part of sales, weird considering their ports have been pretty bad lately.

solidsheep1225d ago

They have been bad on all platforms.

nyzma231224d ago

now ubisoft can't underestimate pc anymore

triple_c1225d ago

Not surprising. PS4 is where the $ is at. This is why so many 3rd parties are siding with Sony when it comes to partnerships and exclusive content.

italiangamer1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

I smell PS2 era all over again, complete domination and awesome games coming from every publisher in the world. Sony domination = prosperity for the videogame industry;
MS domination = destruction of the videogame industry.

And all of you know this is true, just look at the PS2 generation.

Immorals1225d ago

Timed exclusive betas, exclusive in game missions/items, delays.. Yes. Prosperity.

Goes for both sides.

AngelicIceDiamond1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Double post.

AngelicIceDiamond1225d ago

"MS domination = destruction of the videogame industry."

MS hiring Hideki Kamiya for Scalebound And keiji inafune for Recour and letting Rare make the game of their dreams. BC, Unifying console and PC gaming.

Please explain to me in full detail how MS would kill the gaming industry.

Gunstar751225d ago

Ask Sega how Sony's "domination" was great for the industry!

_-EDMIX-_1225d ago

@Angelic- Yea.....after their fancy reversal. MS would likely not even being doing those deals had they succeeded with their whole DRM thing.

Also, notice MS owns zero of the teams you mentioned.

" and letting Rare make the game of their dreams."

LOL! You mean what Sony has been doing for all their main teams EVERY GEN?

Knack,The Last Of Us, The Order, Horizon, RIGS, Dreams, HEIST and Sucker Punch is working on a new IP...that isn't new bud.

Remember Uncharted, InFamous, Little Big Planet, Resistance? Yea...that sounds like Sony sorta letting those teams make um their "dream" games seeing how what they did last gen, isn't want they did the gen prior, which isn't what they are doing THIS GEN sooooooooo

That concept is nothing new, I mean....its clear its new to MS seeing how a chunk of their teams like Nintendo's only slave on IPs over and over and over lol

Rare finally makes a new ip worth while and its a HUGE surprise, Sony does it....its fully expected.

Look at their teams track record, some of their teams make new series EVERY GEN that actually get supported.

ReCore, will see it on PC later, Scalebound....will likely see that on PC later too, Sea Of Thieves....well see it on PC too as that has already been confirmed anyway.

MS is the only company one can state at one time tried to kill the game industry with their whole DRM bs fail lol

AngelicIceDiamond1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

@EDMIX "Also, notice MS owns zero of the teams you mentioned."

Aaand what's your point? RAD isn't owned by Sony. But Sony owns the Ip to The Order. Just like MS owns The Ip's to Scalebound and Recore. And MS owns Rare so you might want to write that down in case you forget.

" and letting Rare make the game of their dreams."

MS not having a starnglehold on its devs is good for everyone. Now MS is letting its teams have free reigns just means better games for all across Sony and now MS in general. We'll see further creativity from both now that MS is more open to creativity.

"ReCore, will see it on PC later, Scalebound....will likely see that on PC later too, Sea Of Thieves....well see it on PC too as that has already been confirmed anyway."

What's your point here? MS is getting revenue no matter what. The game and ecosystem usage. PC gamers will be connected to XBL and if devs wanted crossplay, they could do it. But if your talking sales look at TF sold way more on X1 than it did on PC and 360 for that matter. All those games will be advertised on X1.

Fable Legends is on PC its coming out soon. cross chat, play, and store. Best of both worlds.

BitbyDeath1225d ago

"Please explain to me in full detail how MS would kill the gaming industry."

It is well known the Xbox community are fixated on western games.

Lastgen MS did really well and with it we saw the fall of Japanese games and the extreme rise of FPS garbage.

We also saw what it did to a company like Square Enix who outright said they want to westernize their games changing what made their games popular because Western gaming was popular because Xbox was selling well.

_-EDMIX-_1224d ago

@Ange- "MS not having a starnglehold on its devs is good for everyone. Now MS is letting its teams have free reigns just means better games for all across "

Agreed and will not disagree with that, but 343 is still making Halo, a team is now dedicated to making Gears Of War, Lionhead making Fable, Turn 10 Forza.....I'm sorry but I see the same pattern as last gen.

I will always agree with you that new ips will help the industry, no matter what, but MS has a history of not really supporting them like they support their older we are getting the 3rd Forza and its not even fully 2 years yet.....

What ever happen to that AAA FPS title that Black Tusk now strangely named "coalition" is was working on? Oh now Gears 4 and Ultimate have release dates yet that AAA FPS new IP is pretty much gone?

That is sorta what I mean, Sea Of Thieves, ReCore, Scalebound, legit.....ALL GREAT TO HEAR COMING! But I'm worried about their future support.

MS is not known to just have 3 or more teams all do new IPs EVERY GEN that get 3 or 4 releases...EVERY GEN etc.

They are just not known for that. I can on the top of my head name 3 Sony teams that did just that.

Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, guerrilla games.

Jak to Uncharted, to Last Of Us, Sly to InFamous to them currently working on a new IP, Killzone to Horzion.

Don't even need to mention Evolution, Media Molecule, Insomniac etc

The reality is...unless we get 3 ReCores, 2 Scalebounds, 4 Sea Of Thieves etc, they will really be doing the same thing they did with IPs last gen, use and throw away.

SUPPORT! If Halo, Gears, Forza etc are all getting 4 games per gen, I'm sorry but I want one of their MAIN TEAMS making a new IP that passes the damn torch and gets 4 games per gen with the same treatment.

MS legit is turning into Nintendo with their BS, anyone can guess any damn year from MS from a mile away as bad as EA or Ubisoft.

We know an Assassin's Creed is coming next year...just like we know a Forza Horizon, Gears 4 is also coming...just like we know the next year a Forza 7, Halo 6 etc will be coming in 2017...its just tiring at this point. Give some of those IPs a rest or have them in development a bit longer vs this bi-yearly junk. Let some new concepts shine for once. I get that they are making new games, but I could care less about that until I see MS making that game 3x a gen.

PhucSeeker1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Honestly, i like it best when PS brand takes the lead with Nin and M$ following closely (but not that close), like the 6th-gen.

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LazerShark1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Yeah, their market lead this gen is unreal. Even more so because my PS3 sees more play time than my PS4. There are, as of yet - no must play games on PS4 other than Bloodborne.

Everything else I play on my PC, Wii U, and PS3.
Hell the only other exclusive I was psyched about was The Order and that was a steaming pile of dung. I mean a video as an entire chapter, what the what?

To those that will disagree with me, reply with a must play PS4 game that can't be played on the PS3 or PC.
Otherwise your Disagree's are just trolls because I am hitting heart strings.
I am a real gamer, I have every last and current gen console save for XBone, and honestly see no point to the PS4 as of right now (not in the future, or near future, but right now).

_-EDMIX-_1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

"Yeah, their market lead this gen is unreal. Even more so because my PS3 sees more play time than my PS4"

Yes...."my PS3 sees" YOUR PS3 gets that play time, that is not the case with other gamers. I agree in that I have a deep, deep back log of games to finish on PS3, but I still own a PS4 and still play games on it.

My PS3 backlog sorta makes sense to own a PS4 considering some of the games I'm currently playing, InFamous 2, The Last Of Us etc will only have sequels on PS4........

Horizon, RIGS, Heist, Dreams, Bloodborne, Everyone Gone To The Rapture, Rime etc

Mind you, the concept of "killer app" or "must play" is the biggest joke in the industry, how many times have gamers used this BS to try to state a system can't sell or "needs to get a killer app" to due so?

Yet....PS3 outsold 360 without one, yet PS2 outsold everything.....without one, yet PS4 is selling like WILDFIRE WITHOUT ONE!

Halo and Mario can sell systems all right, but they can also lead to lessor sales as those games favor those systems SOOOOO MUCH, that not liking Halo, might tell you to not buy a XB as you where told by your BFFs that its the BEST thing on XB...not liking Mario might do the same.

What is their on PS that you can buy that if you don't like, you should not own a PS? Uncharted last gen? It was new.....

The Last Of Us....also a new IP

Sly, sure, you can buy InFamous..

Killzone, can buy Horizon.

They catered to NO SINGLE IP, NO IP FOR SONY IS A "killer app" and its ironically why its likely selling sooooo well like the last systems prior.

This idea that you need that 1 software to make the system worth while is a JOKE! Gamers like many different things, some might buy PS4 for Persona 5 (yes...its on PS3, but I'm sure Persona fans want the best version lol) Some might get it for The Last Guardian, for Rime, for Horizon, for Dreams, for VR with RIGS etc.

They've done a fine job not trying to support one IP over the other, they are not going around telling you that game XYZ is the reason to own a PS as that tells any person, if that game sucks, the whole system sucks. Yet PS doesn't have 1 killer app, yet PS historically and consistently sells circles around the 2 consoles that do. Go figure. They don't need that 1 game bud, they have many and gamers can buy a PS for the game they feel they like. Hell, it could be Rime, it could be Wild who knows.

"There are, as of yet - no must play games on PS4"

Yea...but thats sorta what you think bud, 22 million state otherwise. They clearly found something they want a PS for.