Notch Says Free-To-Play Should Be Illegal

Notch is not happy about this free-to-play nonsense, and is happy to tell you about it.

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TXIDarkAvenger1253d ago

Agree with the author. Free-to-play can be an easily exploitable practice used to take advantage of gamers to pay up. But I don't think all free-to-play games are bad, I mean Dota 2 and LoL do it quite well.

SolidDuck1253d ago

Perfect example. DOTA 2 is how u do f2p. Pay to win is more what he is talking about. Pay 2 win is one thing all gamers can agree is garbage.

joab7771253d ago

And the problem is that play to win is a relative term that everyone argues about.

DCUO is a great example. Many of the hardcore community belive that nothing is pay to win unless it affects direct PvP competitoin. Everything else is take it or leave it. But this isnt true. They hide so much and make it very difficult to play without a sub. THEN, on top of that, they allow you to buy replay badges for the content, allowing you to get everything you want, for some money and luck. THEN, they also sell xp boosters, farming boosters, cosmetic items etc. THEN, they even have random packs you can buy w/ limited edition stuff.

I spent more playing DCUO than I did FF14, like 5-10x as much, and it's f2p. Yeah right.

3-4-51253d ago

* I kind of agree only in that there aren't enough rules or regulations for it.

There needs to be more ways to protect the people from getting screwed over and more ways to educate people on not making stupid decisions and avoiding getting screwed out of your money.

* Some ethics need to be there.

ABizzel11253d ago

The only people I feel sorry for are adults who's kids go on a spending spree. There needs to be a way to block that, I've checked the setting on my phone and there are a couple of apps that block purchases forcing you to enter your password.

Other than that we're all adults and know better.

F3P can be a great genre as it has no price barrier for anyone to get into the game. The problem is the ethics of many of these developers / publishers are horrible and it comes back on the consumer. The best thing to do, down vote these games on PSN / XBL / Steam / Android / iOS etc... and give them a low score because of it, and the wise will stay away from it.

Christopher1253d ago

I think notch was saying that the bait and switch element should be illegal, not all free to play should be illegal. Though, he does generalize all F2P in his statement, but I'm not sure that's intentional.

MartinB1051253d ago

I despise F2P as much as just about anyone, but illegal? Really?

Cy1253d ago

Uh, no, not even pay to win should be illegal. If people are too stupid not to sink money into a crappy cash in game then they deserve to get ripped off. The more laws there are that protect people from their own idiocy the more idiotic humanity gets.

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The story is too old to be commented.