PS4 Vs. Xbox One – Which Console Will Win In The Fall?

ThisGenGaming has already declared Sony the winner of E3 this year. However, a lot of Sony’s games will be coming out in 2016 – like Horizon: Zero Dawn. This leaves a lot of wiggle room for Microsoft to release new content and ultimately win the Fall. But, even with that said, that doesn’t mean Sony can’t release more popular and exclusive content on the PS4 and win the Fall. It will boil down to who releases more popular content and who releases the better games. In this head-to-head battle only one system can prevail as the winner of Fall 2015 gaming.

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Gunstar751250d ago

Yawn! Another one of these articles!?

NatureOfLogic_1250d ago

The only way that X1 has a chance of winning this fall, is if MS continue to lose a ton money and do a lot fire sale deals like last year. X1 doesn't stand a chance worldwide. X1 only has a chance in the US and even that's not guaranteed.

Ezz20131250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Ps4 took US market from Microsoft
and not to mention World Wide HUGE gap

At this point i could care less who wins this fall
since the gap is so freaking huge and Playstation is much more knowen than Xbox worldwide
and things will remain this way till the next gen arrive.

CorndogBurglar1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

I know lol. Is this what this has come to? Now we're not only worried about what console will win this generation, but now we're worried about what console is going to win every season?

Its getting a little crazy now...

Jaqen_Hghar1250d ago

The one that won the last 2 Falls.

With Until Dawn, Tearaway, Nathan Drake Collection, and Persona 5 this Fall PS4 has the exclusives. With Battlefront, COD, and AC marketing/bundles they have the third party support. With a price drop they'll have COMPLETE domination. The only question now is whether they reach 2:1 sales (PS4 at 23.8 and One at 13.1 up to June 27) by the end of this year. They've been doing over 2:1 in sales weekly but MS always comes with the price cuts in the holidays. Playstation has over 50% market share which not even the mighty Wii ever managed and last year they outsold the other home consoles every single week of the year, another feat not even Wii could manage in any year so they're well on their way to an even higher marketshare.

Crimzon1250d ago

Three of those four games you list as being exclusives aren't actually exclusive.

jb2271249d ago

By that metric, Rise of the Tomb Raider & Fable Legends aren't "exclusive" either as they will be available on other platforms or are remastered. So Halo & Forza are the only 2 "exclusives" for the XBO. Games are games, if a title's best version isn't available on the 2 direct competitors, there's virtually little difference between a console exclusive & full exclusive. These boxes serve different purposes & cater to different markets, MS is catering to the online mp crowd w/ Halo & Forza & Sony is catering to the crowd that tends to have more diverse tastes. There's no telling who will win the sales this year, but it's Microsoft's season to win, if Halo, Rise, Fable & Forza don't move enough consoles to edge out Sony for a month or two, it'll never happen. I'm personally waiting for Quantum Break & a few more titles that interest me before I think about an XBO, the PS4 has plenty of content & future potential to keep my gaming needs satiated for the foreseeable future.

Jaqen_Hghar1249d ago

ok then games that will never appear on the Xbox One. Better? At least they aren't timed...

Also way to ignore the rest of a man's comment lol

uth111250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Everybody forgets that there's a Star Wars movie coming this fall and PS4 has exclusive Star Wars content for Battlefront and Infinity, not to mention COD. Those are worth something

FlexLuger1250d ago

And what was COD DLC and marketing rights for third party FPS games worth to sony fans when MS was doing it for seven years straight?

Its interesting to see people suddenly change their stance on this as their prefered brand practices a tactic that its own fans lambasted the rival platform for.

I agree they are worth something to the larger casual marketing side of things. But I also believe that exclusives that are available will play a part. It doesnt matter if sony do adverts for starwars if people who own or are interested in an xbox or even Pc for the game KNOW damn well they can but it on there platform of choice.The internet is a very informative thing even for casual gamers browsing a game library for a console. They know what is available for their platform of choice.

uth111250d ago

I'm no COD fan, nor have I ever criticized MS for having the COD deal.

I'm just acknowledging that it's worth SOMETHING as far as fall sales go.

Jaqen_Hghar1249d ago

nobody ever said it was a bad business move (though MS fans now seem to making that argument because COD is now declined to no sales now that Sony has it). It's still not a good game and it's undoubtedly another copy/paste job but hey at least it'll sell more Playstations so hopefully the dudebros get the awesome exclusives.

FlexLuger1249d ago

"nobody ever said it was a bad business move (though MS fans now seem to making that argument because COD is now declined to no sales now that Sony has it)."

Dont make me laugh! did you miss the last seven years of the xbox 360 getting lambasted as the dudebro console, by PS fans because of COD.Swearing blind that it was the worst rehashed over milked franchise in the history of gaming. Xbox fans have never dismissed COD, so lets not try to rewrite history now for the convenience of sony taking the same deal.Maybe telling yourself that lie helps you deny the fact that the PS4 is just an X360 in new chips and plastic. I dont think anything is wrong with it. But I am not going to pretend that it hasnt been the game that PS fans, shit on, like it was a MS exclusive for all these years on N4G. dont believe me, just go through your fellow PS bretherins comment history. Believe me it wont be hard, to find the same people, now praising COD, have comments that were slating it year on year. How quickly you seem to have forgotten. Lets talk about that. You guys klike to brush it under the rug, but believe me people notice these things, on N4G.

"It's still not a good game and it's undoubtedly another copy/paste job but hey at least it'll sell more Playstations so hopefully the dudebros get the awesome exclusives."

All they buy is COD DLC. Sony will learn that the hard way, I guess......

thrust1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )


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