F1 2015 Launch Impressions - Racing like a champion is playing with my EGO

Dealspwn: “The winning formula for F1 2015 personally has to be the handling. Codemasters have branded the game with 'Race Like a Champion' as one of the major highlights for the title, claiming that the new handling model incorporated into F1 2015 will allow players with only little experience to successfully be allowed to race like a champion, and it works."

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Blues Cowboy1225d ago

Fingers crossed for this one. New engine, new handling, should be the racer the sport deserves after last year's godawful attempt.

totalrecoilzz1225d ago

no safety car in this game no coop in this game no career in this game...where the hell is my game!!thats just what i think after 2 hours playing!!