Gamervision's Best of E3

Gamervision reports:

''Well, E3 is over, and I already miss it. I miss the lack of sleep, I miss the overpriced food, and I miss all of the amazing games. Above is a video where the Somethingcast crew discusses our favorite games of E3, and below is Gamervision's official BEST OF E3 list.''

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KobeT243648d ago

These guys are complete idiots.

Sony didnt announce anything new?

God of War 3
Ratchet and Clank: Search for booty
Resistance Retribution
Fat Princess

There was plenty of "new stuff".

Palodios3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Yeah, considering how big they were into MS's conference, who if I recall didn't show anything new whatsoever (besides casual/XBL games) its a bit odd. MAG, GoW3, DC Universe, new Ratchet and Clank, a pile of new handheld games and a few ps2 games I had never heard of.

GiantEnemyCrab3647d ago

Left4Dead is cleaning it up! So many people praising it and saying it's the most fun MP game they've played in a long time.

MK_Red3647d ago

LOL, Best comeback Sonic Unleashed!? Did they even see the night levels with WEREHOG punching people?
Best of the show... L4D!?

clintos593647d ago

Reason why is look how nerdy these dudes look, lol. This shows u that LBP is not a nerds game, lol. So yeah I am just glad these dorky looking guys didnt pick LBP or people would have said yeah coming from some nerds, lol.