The mid-year gaming awards: Wiehahn’s best games of 2015 so far (Gearburn)

Time is a strange and deceptive thing. It seems like it was only yesterday I was celebrating our transition into the new year, spurting out resolutions and saying things like: “This is the year it all happens!”

In the blink of an eye we’ve passed the half way mark of 2015 and now we’re rapidly heading towards its end. E3 2015 was only a few weeks ago and it already feels like a distant dream to me. Six entire months have waved their goodbyes but what have they left behind?

So before the rest of the year morphs into the past, let us allow ourselves a moment to sit back and reflect on what wonderful things 2015 has provided us with up to now.

Here are the best games of 2015… so far.

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reddevilandy101227d ago

Epic list! The Witcher should really be one of the best games ever made, quite frankly!