Gamervision Preview: Animal Crossing: City Folk


''I let out a twelve year old girl yelp when I saw the logo for Animal Crossing take the screen during the Nintendo press conference, and MikeyRaw had to revive me like a soccer mom who passed out during a New Kids on the Block reunion concert when they announced the WiiSpeak microphone. I am a sucker for Nintendo games in general, and one of my Achilles' heels is Animal Crossing. When WiiConnect 24 was revealed the first thing that popped into my head was the title, and being able to visit friends towns when their system was in standby mode. Now this all seemed to be happening, and this year!

Nintendo hasn't officially confirmed or denied the support, and the game looks like a blend of Animal Crossing DS and the Gamecube version. I'm not going to ramble on about this because there isn't a whole lot that's different, but fans of the previous versions have a lot to be excited about. Thanks to the Wii's controls the game is easier to control than ever. The have decided to stick to their formula and haven't added any waggle, which I have a problem with, because if a game has bug catching, slingshot shooting, and fishing you would think that we would be able to use the remote's accelerometer.''

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