Gamervision Preview: Legendary


''I almost wanted to stay away from Legendary for fear that the initial screenshots, videos, and reports were wrong. It looked almost too good, but I didn't want to believe that the game could be anything less than amazing. Sure, it was being made by the development team behind Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, but you fight freaking werewolves and minotaur (minotaurs? Minotaurias? Minotai? Minute Bolls?)! Come on, that's freaking cool!

And it is cool, I can confirm that 100%. Killing mythological beasts with shotguns might actually redefine cool. When it comes to the game playing well, though, that's another story. It feels like a generic, clunky shooter. Anyone who has played Turning Point (raise your hands, all five of you) will be familiar with the gameplay. Both games feel very similar and run on the Unreal Engine, but luckily that seems to be where the similarities stop.''

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