Hitman Will Release on PS4 Digital Only First, Retail Afterwards, Might Be Episodic Game

Square Enix’s newest Hitman franchise installment simply titled Hitman is coming on December 8th but there is a catch. December 8th’s release marks the digital only version while the physical retailer’s release still doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet.


This is the same case for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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Mostafeto1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

This answer really messed up things for the game. It also hints that we will be getting an unfinished product no matter how long we wait *sigh* what's new in that ?

dead_pixels1254d ago

Agreed. This approach pretty much crushed my expectations for the game. A shame, as Absolution was fantastic.

Mostafeto1254d ago

Exactly buddy I was really frustrated while writing this post. Why did the video game industry reach this level of acceptance of releasing unfinished products ? If they release it in the way they described then I am better off it honestly.

nX1254d ago

Just don't buy it at launch and wait for the complete edition, problem solved.

Father__Merrin1254d ago

your right absolution was fantastic

SolidStoner1253d ago

I wait for hitman alot.. I will buy only blu ray on ps4, because hitman is mostly single player game, and it can be sold very easy.. they know that, thats why its digital only at first.. well if it would be digital only forever, then I would pirate it on PC, because I will never support such a sad thing! next step is always online! never!!!

FriedGoat1253d ago

Is everyone mad? Absolution is not fantastic, its the most linear hitman to date.

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dead_pixels1254d ago

Well, if it's any consolation Resident Evil: Revelations 2 took a similar approach and was surprisingly enjoyable. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Mostafeto1254d ago

I hope but my excitement for this game turned into fear but as you said let's just keep our hope. There is still a lot of time and the game's development approach might change

our_games_are_art1254d ago

Yes! Plus square-enixes own " Life is strange" releases in an episodic format, (currently at episode 3 with episode 4 nearly upon us) and It is of excellent quality. Ordered the season after playing just episode 1.

GameDev11254d ago

Unfinished product?? That makes no sense

Episodic release is nothing new and they are finished games. Life is Strange, Broken age are games were you pay for each episode or pay the full price to get all episodes as they release

So you can either pay for each mission episode here as they come out or wait for the full physical release

I dont think you understand the context of how digital games take different approaches now

Mostafeto1254d ago

Buddy I do...

I have Game Of Thrones, Life Is Strange and The Wolf Among Us and I have nothing against episodic games but I want to ask you a question, Do you want to play Hitman as an episodic or as a full game that you can complete and play as a whole ? These other games, they were designed for episodes but we never got used to episodes in a Hitman series' and the context of the answer refers more to DLCs to complete a game which is I am 100% against. DLCs are extra content not things you need to buy to, as he said it, "we’ll release more locations and missions until the story arc is done and finished."

HammadTheBeast1254d ago

But that's the thing, Hitman isn't being released episodically. If someone were to buy the game for $60 they would have no idea of what content was on the disk, and how any future content , if any, would be like.

GameDev11254d ago


I would actually just prefer to play the full hitman game as I dont like episodic games. So IO and square enix have given me the option to wait for the physical full release which I will but I wont call it an unfinished product because it encompasses episodic release.

From the explanations I have seen, it is episodic. Expect instead of a full story episode, it releases a certain amount missions for one episode, which people can share and challenge against their friends or maybe online leaderboards to complete the mission

For 60 bucks you will continue getting more and more missions until the full game is complete, again you dont know whats coming next when you pay fully for other episodic tell tale games, so whats the difference??

jb2271254d ago

I personally dig the episodic gaming trend. As someone who has less & less free time to game, its great to play a focused, pointed 2 hour experience as opposed to a sprawling 20 hour epic w/ around 35-40% of unmemorable filler. I don't think all games should go episodic, but I would love to see some beloved franchises take a swing at using episodic gaming to fill in the long stretches between full console feature releases. One in particular that I'd absolutely love to see would be an Uncharted episodic series focusing on young Drake a la The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. I feel like that series would be a perfect fit for episodic titles w/ its varied locales & stunning set pieces, not to mention the potential for lore is pretty infinite across all of history.

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RedDevils1254d ago

Let just wait and see is if it turn out the opposite of what you want it or not, don't jump the gun just cause it release digitally first

fermcr1254d ago

... and my hype for this game just died.

IamTylerDurden11254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Wth ru talking about? Obviously they are taking a RE Revelations 2 approach and delivering it episodically, RE R2 was a good game, Tell Tale does this, Life is Strange.

I didn't like Absolution with its linear gameplay, i'm liking this approach to the game better. It's almost similiar to what Unit 13 did with new missions/content but much more elaborate and less frequent.

IO is creating huge open playgrounds with a multitude of creative and enthralling ways to eliminate your targets. Each target is high value and each mission it's own massive sandbox, u get rated on how well/creatively u complete the mission. You will need to plan and execute well to receive high scores, there are leaderboards/challenges ect and this style lends itself well to the gameplay recording & shareplay features of the PS4/next gen. U will see some spectacularly creative assassinations and incredibly skillful vids being posted by friends ect. Each mission plays to an overall narrative as well. Sounds fun to me.

ShutUpDonny1254d ago

I think it's a cool concept. They said that we will get some contract that are timed and you only have a couple of days to kill a certain target and if you miss it, too bad. It's a game that will be a full year of adventures instead than a fun month and then everybody finished it and forget about it. It can even build a good community just because the game will last for a long time.

UKmilitia1254d ago

well imo they have just killed off loads of opening week sales.
i will wait for the disc version,i dont buy half a digital game and wait for the rest.

i will have plenty to play anyway so i will wait.

Bercilak1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

This is in response to your comment, 1.1.1, above:

Because we gaming fans continue to subsidize mediocrity and decreasing standards of competence--never mind professionalism--by shelling out hard-earned cash for substandard, unfinished products.

That's why.

_-EDMIX-_1254d ago

"Might Be Episodic Game" ? Might...bud did you miss their whole E3? They confirmed that they would be adding content for the game for some years now. Free of charge...

ripped directly from the official site.

and "unfinished" you actually don't know that as the team never stated anything was held back to make the game.

"It is fully complete at launch but it is not finished"

No game is completely "finished" that is like saying Smash Bros is "unfinished" because they are still adding characters, that Mario Kart is unfinished because they added 200cc, that The Witcher 3 is unfinished because they added expansions....

The game is a complete game from what the team stated, they are merely saying they will keep adding on to after release, missions, locations etc.

I'll wait until I play the beta before rushing to conclusions and guesses.

If we want to throw around the term "unfinished", we might as well say that about any game that has any extra feature, patch, add on etc after the fact.

The reality is, its just means their is more, not that your some how not getting a complete game.

ie BF gets maps every release post launch, no BF has ever launched with 40 maps.....thus 40 maps can not define "finished" to a seasoned BF fan as those are extras and that number of maps was NEVER in the norm in the BF series.

Soooooooo complete is the final game, "finished" the final game, anything else is an extra, the whole idea of "unfinished" might as well like I stated before, applied to any game with an extra, add-on etc.

-Foxtrot1254d ago

Episode based


Sorry but I'm not supporting this because it'll just give Square Ideas they will later on exploit.

They've been giving us crappy mobile games of Hitman for ages and instead of doing a full retail AAA game they are doing something with episode gaming. Come on

smashman981254d ago

this is a full triple a game dont just believe some random site that says it's not. What do you think the hitman team has been working on since revelations

-Foxtrot1254d ago


Look say what you want but it's clear as day it's coming in instalments. It's got the same release structure as TellTales games.

I wouldn't be surprised if they worked on that mobile crap half the time or if Square Enix didn't put as much money into the team so they've had a smaller team or something. Fact is we don't know what they are doing.

It's obvious this is an experiment to try and create the illusion of an AAA game which has probably had a much smaller budget.

In the end we'll get less content but be paying the same price as they make a much bigger profit.

_-EDMIX-_1253d ago


The game is a complete game that they are adding content to for free.

All they stated is that they are adding stuff to it, not the full game is coming later, merely that extra content will be given for free such as missions, locations etc.

That is like saying CDPR isn't giving you the full game because they are making an long do you think the damn base game should be?

Witcher 3 is 200 hours with all the content BEFORE any of the DLC.

How do you know that this Hitman isn't a full hitman with more content to be added along the way?

"No. Early access can often mean something unfinished or unpolished. That’s simply not the approach we’re taking. All of the content we release live to our players will be complete and polished"

I don't know where you heard it wasn't a full AAA game, not sure where you heard it was episodic etc.

The team states no, the team states the game is complete.

Your getting mad at a team giving you free content for a year......

Something is wrong in gaming where a developer is telling you they are GIVING YOU FREE CONTENT, yet it must be some sort of trick.

Game's not finished. Nope they stated its complete and its not an "unfinished game".

Claims its episodic...nope.

"We think the word ‘episodic’ sets up the expectation that we will sell individual content drops for individual prices but that’s not something we're planning to do"

Soooo its what you "think" vs what the team actually creating this game has officially confirmed.

-Foxtrot1253d ago



You actually think them of all people would do extra content for free. It's most likely stuff that could have been in the game but they've held back to sell as "free content" so they look like "Good sports" to us

Don't bring up CDPR as the Witcher 3 was massive. The Hitman here is most likely pretty short but will be made to look like a full game and then the extra free DLC will be the rest but idiots will believe it's "good will".

CDPR did it correctly but this is Square Enix we're talking about. The Japanese EA/Activison.

The fact you actually believe you will get free content is laughable...THAT'S how they get you and THAT'S why the industry is the way it is today. People believing tricks and lies like that

_-EDMIX-_1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

@Fox- The live events can't be "held back" as they happening live over a period of a year.

Mind you, how do you even know its "held back".

I can claim the same thing about CDPR, you don't know if that content was held back as DLC, all you have is them saying so.

"The fact you actually believe you will get free content is laughable"

That is not a claim bud...


"there’s no micro-transactions or hidden costs in there. No extra paid DLC on top either"

All you have is an assumption of what it is, that can be stated about any team even CDPR with The Witcher 3, those free expansions are just "held back" from the game.

That DLC coming later...."held back" from the game.

Witcher 3 is "unfinished" folks....

" The Hitman here is most likely pretty short " Link?

When did you play it?

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Yahdaree1254d ago

I will skip digital and wait. No matter what.

Ceaser98573611253d ago

Unfinished product??? let the game release man. SQ EN clearly mentioned that they want the game to be big. We get to play missions in different parts of the world. The game on 8th dec is just the beginning and throughout 2016 they gonna release game contents for free to expand our experience... So lets just wait for 8th dec.. also the retail version will come out towards the end of 2016 and will miss few contents....

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Cam9771254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

I'm getting negative feeling about this game.
I enjoyed HM 1-4 and played them religiously but Absolution changed that due to mediocrity. I hope this is a full game unhindered by its digital format, and I pray for a physical copy down the line, but then 'ultimate editions' or whatever the hell they want to call it are all the hype nowadays apparently.

Why couldn't they just complete it rather than rush it out for the holiday season, as has clearly been done here?!!

Who releases a 'sizeable chunk' of a game with the promise that they will finish it within the next year?

The article puts it perfectly
' This answer might tell us that the game we will be getting is unfinished and they will rely on DLCs to even complete the game’s story and experience the game fully. They shouldn’t even have answered, things would have been better this way.'

They will rant on about how this approach gives them lots of time to 'perfect the product' when really, they'll just wait until the budget has run out then resort to overpriced DLC.
Woo hoo my fucking favourite I am so excited I love a shot of shitty overpriced DLC.

Mostafeto1254d ago

Yes YES Those are my thoughts why release it digitally on December 8th and then physical ? Why don't you just release it normally on a later date ? At least, it would give them more time to complete instead of the unfinished one on December. They said themselves that it won't be finished "What we release on December 8th is not the full game. It’s a sizeable chunk of it." then why even release it ? this might backfire hard on them

Cam9771254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

And the next issue will probably be constraints upon the 'episodic' approach which means we'll be getting extremely short 'episodes' which are supposed to stand as the full story!!
Ugh this tactic was awful from the drawing board.

The only redeeming factor is Hitman has an insane amount of replay value, even on single missions, so unless that gets royally fucked up we still have a speck of hope.



Therefore I shall buy this used on physical copy down the line. I don't mind waiting at all.

spacedelete1254d ago

just imagine if this Hitman game doesn't sell well. they will drop support like a hot potato and you will be left with a full priced demo and even if it sells they could still scrap content for their next game. companies are trying more hard to think of ways of getting our money than innovating in gameplay. just when i thought the game industry couldn't sink any lower.

IamTylerDurden11254d ago

Umm no, like if a tell tale game sells poorly they would just stop and never release the last 3 episodes? This isn't a rinky-dink dev/pub they have an obligation. Please stop being ridiculous. They wouldn't risk the entire brand/dev/pub name bc 1 little game didn't hit it's sales quota. Sure, if it sells like fire there would be extra dlc ect, but even if it tanks u will get everything u were promised.

Roccetarius1254d ago

Well, that's just another nail in the coffin. Especially if it's another case of episodic illness.

2cents1254d ago

"HITMAN will launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC on December 8th this year as a digital download."

Same for PC and Xbox. The title confused me as there was no mention of other platforms. So, everyone is in the same boat :(

I'm not sure I like this idea.

RiseofScorpio1254d ago

Yeah, made it seem like its an exclusive or something. Never invested in episodic content, I'd rather have the whole thing tbh, specially if im enjoying the game.

TwoForce1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Well, shit ! It's like they trying to do like telltale games. But only difference is, Hitman is a stealth games. I will wait and see how the game can receive. If it good, I will buy but not digital, physical only. The only digital I will buy, it's indie games, standalone game like Infamous, Blood Dragon and free to play games. Digital and Physical must be balance and optional for people to purchase their value. This is getting ridiculous.