Gamervision Preview: FaceBreaker


''Last month, Gamervision had the opportunity to review the latest boxing game for this generation's consoles, Don King Presents Prizefighter, and, unfortunately, it wasn't very good. There were some good ideas presented, but the execution of the actual boxing mechanics was just short of dreadful, and EA's 2-year old Fight Night Round 3 maintained its spot as the best boxing game out there. We still have little to no info about the planned fourth Fight Night installment, but at least EA is offering us a different take on the "sweet science" with Facebreaker, developed by EA Canada. We got a chance to film a bit of the game in action at EA's E3 exhibit. Take a look:

The influence of Midway's 1999 hit, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, is evident in every frame of the game. Much like that classic title, Facebreaker eschews traditional, realistic boxing mechanics in favor of a cartoonish style, crazy punches and colorful, goofy, stereotypical characters. Whereas Ready 2 Rumble had Boris "The Bear" Knokimov, a musclebound, hard-punching Russian fighter in red trunks, Facebreaker has Molotov, a musclebound, hard-punching Russian fighter in red trunks. See the difference there? Seriously though, the game has even been described by EA people as a kind of "spiritual successor" to the Ready 2 Rumble series. This is not a bad thing, per se, as R2R was one of the best boxing titles ever released, and Facebreaker has taken the best parts of that series, beefed them up, seriously jacked up the visuals and even added som new features to deliver what looks to be a fun, fast-paced arcade boxing experience.''

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