Call of Duty Black Ops III Juggernog edition revealed via Mighty Ape, incs Juggernog Fridge

The Call of Duty Black Ops III Juggernog Edition has been revealed by the New Zealand retailer, Mighty Ape. The price on the website is listed as 289.99 NZD (New Zealand Dollars), although no official price has been confirmed.

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neocores1227d ago

That is new Zealand dollars not USA

Crazyglues1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

289.99 NZD = 195.07 U.S. So it will be about $200 dollars U.S.

Probably be like $199.95

If it even comes to the U.S.

infinitewords1227d ago

This, if true, is a really cool collector's edition. If it's not over $200 dollars then I'll bite.

805Junior8051227d ago

Finally appealing to the Zombies crowd which is more passionate than the multiplayer crowd.

Immorals1227d ago

Zombies is the only part I'm looking forward too!