Angry Joe Show: Batman: Arkham Knight Angry Review

“Baymang” Joe and “OtherSuperman” FINALLY Review the conclusion to the Arkham Trilogy, Batman: Arkham Knight! What took so long? and how does this final game measure up? Find out!

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nidhogg1046d ago

Okay. AJS has spoken. ...And people became upset when I said the game was only a 7.5 for me. Arkham City is still the best.

nicksetzer11046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

I think for it's genre it probably is pretty decent. I certainly would say my personal experience with the game it felt like a 6 or maybe a 7 to me. It was ok. To each their own.

showtimefolks1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

Imo the first game was the bed and very focused. But overall it's been a great series, just look at how many games have copied the batman combat.

BUT to each their own, I just love the first batman game, I think it's even more special because it was the very first time a superhero game was actually great and not targeting just kids

Whether you agree or not imo, angry Joe is always in depth ans explains his issues with the game. I don't always agree but he really digs in to find out everything

gninja921046d ago

yeah but joe usually plays and reviews his game on the pc, if he did a separate review for the console version spoiler free might i add, it would get a higher score,
given the differences between the consoles and the pc version, it really deserves separate reviews.

yewles11046d ago


"if he did a separate review for the console version spoiler free might i add, it would get a higher score, "

At the end of the review, he gave the PC version a separate score of 4/10 plus an extra badness seal.

johndoe112111045d ago

Since when does AJ speak for the entire gaming community? Many people, myself included couldn't give a damn about his opinions on the games we play. His opinion is no different than IGN's, Kotaku or any other reviewer out there. That's all it is, his opinion.

Nick_The_Slick1045d ago

Since he's been dead on with most games. He calls it how it is.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1046d ago

I personally would give it a 7. I agree with most of his points the lack of boss fights, Overuse of Batmobile, some lackluster side missions, Arkham Knight reveal obvious etc...Really kinda hold this game back. I enjoyed Arkham City a lot more.

Grap1046d ago

People force them self to love this game just because batman name on it, i would give it 6 too. I just couldn't bare playing that shitty batmobile after a while.

WellyUK1045d ago

ye i give up after an hour every time i play it, it's just incredibly boring.

TwoForce1046d ago

I found Batman Arkham Knight is very great game. I give it 9. For my opinion, yes. I know Batmobile is kind make people force their will to drive it. And other elements, people don't like it.

ironcrow23861046d ago

1stly no way can other joe lift normal joe and 2ndly this is only one of few times i disagree with AJ :/

vork771046d ago

Other Joe does work out so he can lift AJ

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The story is too old to be commented.