Gamervision Review: Beijing 08

Veggie Jackson writes:

''The Summer Olympics are right around the corner, and that means it's the season for Olympic video game. This year, Sega and developer Eurocom have the license for the official game of the Beijing Olympics. How does it shape up? Well, not that it's saying that much, but it might just be the best Olympic title ever.

With 38 different Olympic events, there's no shortage of variety in Beijing 08. Unlike many previous track & field-type games, Beijing 08 does a great job of mixing up the play mechanics. There are the obligatory button mashing events, like swimming and sprinting, where your only real concern is mashing A and B (or wiggling the right analog stick) as fast as possible, but there are also plenty of events that require skill, timing and quick thinking to excel. For example, the balance beam event requires you to tap the face button that corresponds to colored areas as your gymnast steps on them, and the diving events require you to match the speed of spinning circles with an analog-controlled cursor. The level of variation in game types is matched only by the level of variation in the computer's AI difficulty. Some games, like the shotput and discus throw, are very easy to medal in every time, while the 110 meter hurdles are nearly impossible to even compete in. Despite this, the controls are generally fun, reflecting some or all of the motions an actual athlete would utilize in the event.''

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