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Hardcore Gamer: "Final Fantasy XIV has had such a strange track record. The original release nearly crippled Square Enix due to its immense cost and abrupt failure, but the Japanese company was able to throw a Phoenix Down on itself and be reborn with A Realm Reborn, creating something that could easily be considered one of the best MMOs currently available."

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pivotplease1256d ago

Kind of interested in getting into this now but I'm apprehensive because it is pretty faithful to the generic MMORPG model and MMOs in general can be life ruining time sinks for addictive personality types. I might have too much going on to take the plunge but I really want to.

paradigmfellow1256d ago

At this point I think it would be almost impossible to find a decent raiding party.

Eiyuuou1256d ago

For issues like that we have FCs.

paradigmfellow1255d ago

If the FC can help you with old content, then you are fine.

Eiyuuou1256d ago

You can play the free trial to see how it'll work out!

RJ920091256d ago

I love this game got it when it lunched on the ps3 then I did the upgrade to ps4 it's the one game I always go back to. Me and my wife have are own freecompany just got it to rank 8 woot woot..there just so much to do it looks great runs greats I just love it