Halo 5 Made From Ground Up for Xbox One, Lot of Effort Involved to Leverage Console's Full Power

343 Industries' Chris Lee says this is the studio's most ambitious title yet.

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sammarshall1021225d ago

I already pre-ordered Halo 5 and October 27th can't get here soon enough

I love how Halo has made the jump to PBR too the materials look so good

christocolus1225d ago

Same here. So psyched to play the campaign and Warzone. I've played all the entries in the series and I'm so hyped for this. I hope 343i delivers with this game. I need to see how this whole locke vs MC thing plays out especially the story behind the new spartans. Will locke die at the end? Probably. Or maybe he'll become the lead character in a spinoff title after this.

Sureshot1225d ago

Someone actually down voted you for being psyched for a game?
Regardless I'm just as excited as you are! Can't wait for 24 player multiplayer and a campaign built for current gen hardware :D

dirkdady1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Don't get how it's using full Xbox one power and it dips to resolutions sub 720p and dips under 60fps. Are they making use of the extra power released from kinect?

343 still has some ways to go before coming close to filling bungies shoes. Just because they are working a major franchise like Halo doesn't mean they will get a free pass.

breakpad1225d ago

E3 demo was like Halo 4 remastered ...where is the leverage??

otherZinc1225d ago

Yes! I'm charged up for the Campaign & Campaign Co-op. Still disappointed in the omission of Splitscreen Campaign Co-op, however, I'm getting the Forza Motorsport 6 XBOX ONE; my daughter & I will Campaign Co-op on 2 XBOX ONEs.

I still feel for the homessage that can't do the second as myself & others.

I already have my Halo 5 copies of Legendary on pre-order for my kids. It's our most anticipated game!

Mr Pumblechook1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Halo 5 is Microsoft's biggest franchise with the biggest development and budget ever for an Xbox game and is being programmed using cutting edge SDKs. The performance that 343i achieve will be the best possible for the Xbox One at this stage of the generation.

Many third party games have had a lesser performance on XBO than on PS4. Overlooking the spec differences, dedicated fans have explained this by saying it is because the PS4 was the lead platform and less development time was spent learning the nuances of the XBO.

Halo 5 is different. There is a lot of expectation on the game because whatever the resolution and FPS of it will be the best possible on the platform, it will be foolish to expect third party publishers to achieve better. In simple English Halo 5 will demonstrate the limit of the XBO hardware - so it better be good!

christocolus1225d ago


Just another day on N4g. Let them downvote all they like. It's all they can do.disagreeing with my comment won't change my opinion about the game. Lol.


Legendary edition? Nice.looking forward to the campaign.I usually co-op with my brother.


well said. Some people just want the game to fail. So sad.


Smh. This again. The E3 demo is not the final thing. Frank o connor has stated this. They are still polishing the game.


Ok. -_-

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LazerShark1225d ago

So is it using DX12, because if not - it's not really leveraging the console's full power. Just saying....

FlexLuger1225d ago

It doesnt use DX12 and devs always say they are pushing based on their current experience with hardware. I ts not an entirely accurate statment but it is the most honest, based on their current level of how to best use the hardware and the API they are using. How would they be using DX12 when DX12 is not yet finalised as an API? they are pushing based on their current knowledge and API.

MrSec841225d ago

343 have built the game for XB1, they'd already be using the most recent API available or failing that write the assembly code themselves for their engine.
The game would be running as well or better than DX12 would make it run.

DX12 isn't going to garner any better performance than XB1's most flagship, premium title.
This is Halo we're talking about, the biggest selling franchise Microsoft has, they're not going to hold back on this game.

FlexLuger1225d ago

"343 have built the game for XB1, they'd already be using the most recent API available"

Not disputing that. But tha API that replaces the current one is DX12, which happens to perform better than the current API. And also is not finalised. Why do people have such a hard time understanding this? Im am not saying we are suddenly going to be seeing 4K gaming. Simply that based on the current API they have done the best they could do. but its not the API that gets the most out of the platform. That will undoubtedly be DX12. yes PC will see the big gains, but X1 will still see better gains than its previous APIs including the DX11.1 based code underpinning H5.

GearSkiN1225d ago

dx12 is not gonna appear on most things till decemeber, microsoft already mentioned that, so meaning the team is using whatever they have on the current level. either way this game be butter smooth, id be mad if this game start laggin bad...

TheLoCoRaven1225d ago

You realize DX12 doesn't actually add power right? . . . just makes the development of games more streamlined.

deadpoolio3161225d ago

Shhhh your ruining their idea that DX12 is some sort of secret sauce thats going to majorly boost the X1s power....Nevermind that EVERYONE be it MS or tech people keep stating that NO DX12 isn't going to do anything special for X1....

kstuffs1225d ago

That's ok. Underpromise, overdeliver. Better than showing flawless, fake 1080p and 60fps, delayed until 2016, and only hit 30fps.

Jide1225d ago

I'm pumped. October hurry

AutoCad1225d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on warzone..looks like tons of fun

Godz Kastro1225d ago

So pumped for warzone and 4 player coop!

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