Microsoft Having a Lapse of Memory: Not Enough Quality Control?

"Microsoft is undergoing a rather ambitious experiment with XNA, the set of developer tools that allows anyone to create and submit a game to be sold on Xbox Live, but a former employee is now raising questions about the quality of the games. David Weller, the former XNA community manager, has posted on his blog that he believes a lot of good games are going to be crowded out in a market that will be saturated with junk releases. Considering the recent delisting of Xbox Live Arcade games this seems like a direct about face."

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Nick27283708d ago

I think that this is a manifestation of Microsoft's need to get the Xbox 360 back into the glory days. Even if it means that there's bad games coming from all corners it'll still mean that people are using the console. I guess they feel there's no such thing as bad publicity.

cain1413708d ago

I'm pretty sure coverage of Xbox Failure Rates is bad publicity

thewhoopimen3708d ago

I agree. The paris hilton of consoles.

Silver3603708d ago

They do mention that XNA games are peer reviewed. That they are made by amateurs. That they won't be more than $10. They are going to listed in a separate section than arcade titles. And lastly that anyone buying one should know that they are not from professional developers it is a community thing. The trash people write for page hits is amazing.

cain1413708d ago

It's the former XNA manager whose opinions they are basing this on...

3708d ago
cain1413708d ago


The only system I own is an Xbox 360... Yes, that must make me a huge sony fanboy...

TheXgamerLive3708d ago

It's not about quantity of post, but quality.

This isn't credible by no means.

Silver3603708d ago

maybe but most likely taken out of context

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3708d ago

I summon the Microsoft Defense Force in defense mode

TheXgamerLive3708d ago

p.s. The article is a fony blog typed opinion of a supposed ex employee, real original there. Keep up the good work there GIRLS.

Your on a roll!!

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3708d ago

*sighs* I was hoping to see the other droids and bots like pp or brother simon.You xgamer are a waste of flesh and I don't care what console you support,xgamer, because you will always be a loser

Pain3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

cuz if it did the World would not be switching to MAC and we would not be NEE DEEP in Virus/malware/spyware/trojans/ script kiddies ect~.....M$ Cant even do a mediocre job at Copying Apple's OS every update of windows.

oh and lets not forget RROD.

spin away Xbots!

PSN everthing >>>> XBL aka piggy backing M$ Office Networks Anyday. and Free to boot.

karlostomy3707d ago

The irony is astounding.

At last count the posts in this first comment thread number 4:1 in favour of the SDF (Sony Defence Force).

But what else is new?

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cliffbo3708d ago

thank you MS! i really mean that. PSN = DVD quality games. Live = take a punt... it might be quite a good game or you might end up with a pile of s**t, but either way it won't be up there with Socom, Fat Princess, Pixel Junk monsters, Pixeljunk Eden, Echocrome, Siren, RAC Quest for Booty or... well you get the picture

Montrealien3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

I don't get the picture, Live's idea is to push small games for 10-20 dollars that won't be boxed and you can try every single one of them before you buy it so it is very easy to avoid the pile of sh*t. This is kinda like shareware back in the day and is a great concept for digital distribution on consoles. The lack of demos is annoying for me on PSN, some have them, some don't. LIVE has just as many great games on their network as PSN does but I won't bother name dropping, it's useless.

I like LIVE, just as much as I do PSN however what I do prefer about LIVE is the ease of it all, you download and bam you go, PSN on the other hand can be rather long for a five dollar poker game like I got yesterday. You download, you install, you patch, then you play. Nothing wrong with that but is is a pain. ANd I have spent a crap load of money on PSN, just as much as I have on LIVE.

rebirthofcaos3708d ago

quality control from microshaft XD XD XD a monkey is more carefully picking fruits at the jungle XD XD

all the damn versions of windows have been a joke since the start XD XD ad vista is the new windows millenium XD XD quality my ass

SmokingMonkey3708d ago


quality control from M$ XD

more like damage control XD

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