Chrono Trigger DS: I Find Your Lack of Graphics (Mildly) Disturbing (GotGame Preview)

GotGame: "Around the first of July, Square-Enix launched a simple teaser webpage on their Japanese site that seemed immediately familiar. As soon as fans saw the pendulum swing and heard the famous ticking, we immediately crapped ourselves. And it took no more than a second to put the final four letters of the hyperlink together. CTDS. Chrono Trigger DS. Now, with E3 come and gone, we have some more information, and are shopping for new shorts all over again."

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Vicophine3710d ago

Hmm, its the DS...a lot of PS1 games look better than DS games >_> what do you suspect?

Anyways, been playing CT on an emulator > DS.

Playstation Man3709d ago

But for the love of God, this is shovelware at it's finest and it's been this way for a few years now. I'm really frustrated with Square's constant re-releases on these handhelds and focus on quick crap sales like FFXII:RW and the 1000 or so versions of FF Tactics.

Silellak3709d ago

Am I the only one who loves CT's graphics and think they DON'T need an upgrade? I'm not sure a 3D remake on the DS could live up to the beauty of the original's graphics. Same with FF6, actually.

I actually tried CT on emulator on the PSP, but could never get it to run that smooth. So if Square wants to put one of their greatest games on the DS for an extra bit of scratch, more power to 'em. I know I'll buy it - assuming no technical issues - because I love the game. And if they make a 3D upgrade in a few years, I'll probably buy that, too.

I'm digging FF4 DS, because the game NEEDED a graphical (and script) update, but if they're going to do 3D remakes of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI, put them on the next generation of handhelds so they can be as gorgeous as possible.

flexbox3603709d ago

ds is getting lots of crappy games. i sold mine since i stopped playing zelda. loving my 360

Panthers3709d ago

Glad you love your 360.

I never got a DS because I used to only play Pokemon on GB and after I realized I was playing the same game 15 times I decided that was it.

Seems like Square is doing the same thing.

Baka-akaB3709d ago

Once again , it is an insult to Chrono Trigger . Dont buy it , and yes even if you wish it would trigger enough hype around the title to do a proper remake or sequel . Square enix knows damn well how popular it was and is , that's pretty much why they hunted and killed every fan made remakes so far .

A sequel or remake of the title isnt dependent on this title selling . its just their usual "resell the game again before a new title" tactics . They did the same with yet another shameful port of CT on ps1 , and it had no effect on Chrono Cross .

BOYCOTT the game , and do yourself a great service , use a ps1 or snes emulator , be it on pc , ds (i dunno if a snes one exist) , ps3/360/ps2 .

Mr Fancy Pants3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

how could you create a sequel to a game like Chrono Trigger?
that game has like 40 endings!

Chrono Cross was awesome, if you want something similar to CT then find and play that one... highly recommended!

Baka-akaB3709d ago

Well for starters they can easily pick an ending among those , and go with the explanation that each others are other possible futures (or pasts) .

CC was awesome and a sequel anyway , it even partially deals with the fate of the original time travellers . However it's hardly similar to CT .

ExcelKnight3709d ago

After the shutdown of the fan-made 3D remake and the voiced interest by the team who made the FF3 and FF4 remakes, I can't bring myself to even want to buy this game.
If it was their plan to make a GBA-styled port all along, why didn't they just do that 4 years ago when they had the chance (and the audience)?

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