Persona 4 for PS2: A blast from the past, in the future. (GotGame Preview)

GotGame: "The Shin Megami Tensei series developer, Atlus, is living in the past. Persona 4, which is due Dec. 9th, 2008, will be released for PS2. I wish that was a typo, but it's not. It was released July 10th in Japan, so it's official. However, with the success of Persona 3 as one of the best 'final' games to be released for the PS2, it almost seems natural that Persona 4 will follow suit."

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Alexander Roy3707d ago

Come on, give me a European release date! I don't care if it's English only (I prefer that anyway), just tell me it will be released over here someday.

BTW, SquareEnix, I'm still waiting for Grandia 3. Since about 3 years.

La Chance3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

yeah , they didnt even bother to bring grandia 3 to EU.

edit :disagrees ? what for ? is Grandia available in EU ? NO , so why the disagrees ?

TheColbertinator3707d ago

Another quality RPG from Atlus coming up

Homicide3707d ago

This game will redefine the turned base JRPG genre. Everything about P3 was brilliant. Great characters, compelling story, awesome plot twists, etc. Way better than any FF game. This is a definite first day buy for me.

tetsuhana3707d ago

"The game is about 1.5 times bigger than Persona 3, which brings the length to around 60-70 hours."

Hmmmm... my 125hr Persona 3 savefile tells me this game will be a little bit longer that 60-70 hours.

SmokingMonkey3707d ago

anyone hear anything from the gamecube or the original xbox?

the king lives on

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