RPGFan Review: Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns

John Hussey reports:

''It's no secret that I have been one of Atlus' greatest supporters in reviewing its Nintendo DS titles, whether it's been in the form of praising its often slighted Luminous Arc, or in declaring Etrian Odyssey and its sequel one of the best games of the year. With that said, sometimes Atlus chooses to publish a game that misses the mark for both the mainstream and even the niche role-playing fan. Unfortunately, Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns is just that, and even worse, it is one of the least enjoyable games I have played on the Nintendo's handheld system.

Izuna 2 takes place in a world where humans, gods, and beasts live in a peaceful harmony, even though they battled violently in the past. Because of the current tranquility, some of the ninjas are deemed useless and antiquated by segments of society. One such ninja is Izuna: a crude, selfish, humorous, and beautiful woman who has just returned home to resume her old ways after descending into the various shrines of the gods in the first installment of the series. Even though she is good-looking and often uses her sexuality, Izuna is a sly ninja who strikes when people least expect it.''

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