PS3 Burnout Update Deemed Good Weeks Ago; 360 Still on Hold: Why the Delay?

"Those who own Burnout Paradise on the PS3 have been happily zipping along and smashing rivals in the new Cagney update for a week now. They've been enjoying all the free new content, including 70 new challenges, new cars, new online game modes and plenty more. Xbox 360 owners are still stuck in the garage though, just waiting for Criterion to get that last part to them so they can finish their tune-up and take their cars back onto the streets for more crashing and boosting."


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cain1413589d ago

It seems wierd that there is such a large difference in the Release times...

kwicksandz3588d ago

This release was originally planned during sonys disastrous 2.4.0 rollout. MS does NOT want a 360 version of that. They simply have tighter software quality controls, which comes with the territory of being a software company.

Panthers3588d ago

That doesnt make any sense. What does a Sony FW update have to do with Burnout Paradise's update for the 360?

BattleAxe3588d ago

The PS3 was the lead platform for Burnout, thats probably the reason.

StephanieBBB3588d ago

I think the real reason is because they are having problems with microsoft giving away the patch free of charge. Microsoft sees it chance to make money on this but they want it to be free.

MazzingerZ3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

Unlike SONY, MSFT has a size limit for updates(patches) for the whole life-cycle of a game... don't recall the exact size but it is between 5-25 MB...maybe this is due to the size of their HD or the CORE/ARCADE SKU, whatever the reason is...

the fact is that this limits developers when patching games...sometimes you wonder why the patch didn't fix all the issues? why the patch for bioshock never arrived? why GTAIV wasn't patched at the same time on the X360 as on the PS3 (just a few days after launch) to fix lock ups (reported also on the X360)...why?

Well, that's the reason...that's one (of many) things I like of the PS3: No limits...Assassin's Creed was patched 2 days after launch, 150 MB=No problem, R6V2 same case 125 Mb = No problem...on the X360 if developers don't manage to compress the patch to meet the size limit set by MSFT they have to wait until they ship a DLC and include the fixes there, I think the DLC (the one the introduced the extra 250 achievement points) for Bioshock fixed some issues...

So that could be the reason behind this delay as it sound like a "big" update.


ThanatosDMC3588d ago

Somebody say Live was better?

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maggotmx3588d ago

Haha my thots summed up. Bubbles for u

MaximusPrime3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

PS3 is the main console than Criterion concentrated on when the game was in development. It was then ported to xbox 360. Don't believe me? ask Criterion themselves.

Sorry to hear that the delay is getting beyond the joke for xbox 360.

I have been enjoying Rai Jin on my PS3 for over a week.

Damn that Online Marked Man sure is fun.

edit: ok i noticed some disagreed with my comment about PS3 as lead platform. I googled it and found many. Heres one comment: "Paradise is a wonderful game: it's inventive, confident and brilliantly produced and just shows what's possible when developers make the PS3 the lead console. If you're even remotely into racing games, this is one you can't afford to miss out on."

Nuclearfish3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

It isn't actually the lead platform. Criterion have said on many occasions they prefer working on the PS3 and are more comfortable with it, but the game was made for both consoles. It wasn't made for the PS3 then just ported to the 360.

And incidentally, I've been enjoying the Rai-Jin on my PS3 for two weeks. In red. :D

BattleAxe3588d ago

Don't worry, its the usual people being idiots on here.

Premonition3588d ago

@ Nuclear Fish: PS3 was the lead platform
"Jan 25th sees the first big console release of the year - Burnout Paradise. The game, incidentally one of the first multiformat games with the PS3 as the lead development platform."

Nuclearfish3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

Well, yes, I suppose you could call it 'lead' in the sense that it was the one they were most comfortable with and favoured, etc. But what I mean is that it wasn't made for the PS3 and then ported onto the 360, as most other games are. It was made for both consoles alongside each other throughout development.

They've definately mentioned it several times in the podcast or on the forum.

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Playstation Man3589d ago

The tables have turned. Delays, sales and multiplatform graphics all favor PS3 now. The days of Lair, Heavenly Sword and MGS4 pushbacks are over. Now games are hitting when they're supposed to while XBOX's Alan Wake, Splinter Cell get delayed and Too Human becomes this year's Lair.

This is just another example of the delay process that now falls against the 360. It is too bad for XBOX owners and it's probably going to be too bad for everyone when Square-Enix delays FFXIII in the western world because of 360 development delays (I know they're not supposed to but the money truck says they will).

red_ring_of_death3589d ago

its hard working on Maybach = ps3
then going back to saturn = xbox

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