Microsoft HoloLens - New Video Shows The Limited Field Of View

Microsoft Hololens is a gadget that a lot of gamers are really looking forward to. And while Microsoft has done its best to hype it, a lot of the media criticized its small field of view. Thankfully, Microsoft has released a new video that shows glimpses of Hololens in action, thus giving everyone an idea of what the actual FOV is.

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RonsonPL1226d ago

This is NOT showing any glimpses about the FOV.
It just shows it's smaller than a camera view. I don't have a camera on my head. I have 2 eyes with 200° FOV.
The FOV in practice is nothing like the one you can see on this video. Waste of time :(

timlot1226d ago

People who actually used the unit said this video gave a good representation of what the fov is like with headset on.

Zeref1226d ago

They also said that it's not big enough of a deal to take away from the experience.

donthate1226d ago

We also know that the FOV will also increase as the technology matures.

I'm more excited about what this will bring in the future.

I remember when cell phones were a small suitcase and what do we have today?

People are getting hung up on the wrong thing instead of joining in and seeing where all this is going. Much more exciting imo.

LordMaim1226d ago

If your field of view is 200°, doesn't that mean that you'll notice the narrow hololens field of view even more?

Not sure what your point is exactly, but I have to say that I was a bit surprised by the demonstration. I would have thought that the visible field would be larger than that. And if Microsoft is willing to put that in a demonstration video, you can bet that the actual version doesn't work any better otherwise that's what they'd be showing to the public to promote the product.

RonsonPL1226d ago

I meant it's misleading, since it still promises too much.

It's not "my" FOV, every human has more than 180° FOV. It depends on the position of your eye, of course, and you never see all of that at the same time, but it would have to be over 180° to cover the same FOV as we see in real life.

Are you sure you understood them right?
Didn't they say that it is a good representation because it shows the FOV is smaller, but not a good representation of how much smaller it is?

Here's what they actually say:
"You only see holograms in a slim area in front of your eyes—an area that spans about 35 to 40 degrees horizontally, according to Brian Blau, an analyst with research outfit Gartner, who received one of the demos."

40° is a VERY, VERY small area. It might not seem to be that small if compared to a camera, but we are humans - we can see much more than the camera used in this video. Let's wait for some ultra-wide camera footage, and then say "it's a good representation".

Dlacy13g1226d ago

I think this is a good deep dive into the field of view that many might find helpful.

LordMaim1226d ago

@RonsonPL: Ah, that makes more sense. I misinterpreted what you were saying. It's still an interesting technology, and I can see interesting applications for it, but its got a long way to go for use in gaming.


You can SEE the border on the FOV lol, what are you talking about?

Either way, Every time I see Hololens It still has the "WOW" effect on me!

Sureshot1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Welcome to the world of tomorrow!!

Dustinf111226d ago

I feel like they could learn the exact same stuff by looking a a large computer screen with 3d models..

Jmanzare1226d ago

Yea but this is much cooler

andibandit1226d ago

yes but everyone would have to look at things from the same angle...unless everyone had a large computer screen of their own, but then when someone points to their screen and asks the teacher, "what is this thing", the rest of the class cant see it.

reallyNow1225d ago

the entire class would have to be wearing separate headsets, computers, and they would all have to be synced., it would be easier to buy the real version of whatever 3d representation you would be pointing at. pointing at a monitor, and using words to describe the thing you're talking about is waaaaaaaaaaaaay superior than trying to accomplish that.

andibandit1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Cheaper and easier to setup yes, but everyone would still have to look at things from the same angle as in, You and I couldnt look at the back and the front of a body at the same time, we would have to ask the teacher to move the camera in the virtual world to the position we want to see, regardless of it being 3D or 2D.

vikingland11226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

So what's the problem? If that video is a good representation then it's pretty impressive IMOP.

vikingland11226d ago

What were people expecting a 9'x 9' hologram? Maybe in the future but for now it's pretty cool.

Godmars2901226d ago

The issue I'm seeing is that indication is being given that it will be usable with the XBO as a full on game accessory. And while that seems to be the case, it wont be a "full on" one. That any interaction will be closer to gimmick, apps meant to immerse you into a game or lore while not actually playing the game in question, rather than offer any features like a controller.

That like Google glass, this is something for techies and not the general market.

Dlacy13g1226d ago

I think its safe to say there will be gaming experiences with Hololens obviously as we have seen Minecraft on stage and other things were shown off at E3 but the thing to keep in mind is that Hololens is independent of ANY other device. It does not need another computer or console for it to work. So yes I would agree with you that any PC or Xbox One games it interacts with are likely to be in more of an add-on / app like peripheral sense...but it will have its own stand alone games as well.

vikingland11226d ago

It's a hologram,that's what's cool. Whether it's for XB1 games or apps it's still a hologram. But it would be cool if it was for XB1 games. Maybe they will use the XB1 to stream games with win 10. I don't know. I just think it's cool tech that will improve in the future.

ScorpiusX1226d ago

Reminds me of the Batman scanner with they did the body illustration. Way cool

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