Media Molecule Dreaming Up Dreams Beta Trial for PS4

Push Square: "There's still some confusion over what Dreams actually is. Media Molecule's brand new project was officially announced at E3 2015 and received a mixed response; the Guildford-based developer was intentionally vague about the title, and that's perhaps resulted in some scepticism around the web. However, it did promise that more information would be revealed at Paris Games Week later in the year – and it sounds like some kind of beta could surface during the event."

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IamTylerDurden11253d ago

I want in, Dreams looks incredible and progressive. I love how Mm pushes the industry forward with their creative genius. I want to create art, and games.

fr0sty1253d ago

When a game (like this or No Man's Sky) is so radically different in concept that it leaves people scratching their heads, it doesn't necessarily mean it will be good, but it does mean that the people who make those games are being given the freedom by the people who make those game systems to take chances and do something completely new, rather than just sticking to tried and true genres. This is one area Sony has always excelled at, finding the games that break barriers that are on other systems and getting it onto theirs, and also funding their own genre-defining projects. Taking risks.

OB1Biker1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

I agree the reveal was incredible.
'mixed response? scepticism around the web?' pushquare must have dreamed that up IMO.
Unless 'around the web' means their own website I can imagine the like(...)

Rimeskeem1253d ago

"players can repurpose and remix practically anything that they can imagine"

"that polar bear that you saw in the trailer was a model created for one Media Molecule employee's daughter. It was then "borrowed" by another staffer and incorporated into a snowboarding game. Everything created can be shared, remixed, and repurposed"

*starts drooling*

Sora_19941253d ago

Holy crap man!! Its like lbp but on steroids the possibilitys will be insane! Im hyped these guys are so creative

Rimeskeem1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

I really want to see levels they create just to get a glimpse of what can be created

I can already see a Crash and Spyro being created

Didn't mean to disagree with you, sorry

Sora_19941253d ago

No worries but yea im excited if look at the bubbles at the end you can a couple of games looks very intresting

uth111253d ago

So I could take those same Polar Bears and turn them into a "Flying Robotic Polar Bears From Hell invade Manhattan" game?

Rimeskeem1253d ago

I believe that is possible if you have the time and talent

Germany71253d ago

The concept looks amazing and innovative, just like any game from Media Molecule, i hope for more information in Paris.
Wild could appear too.

ArnoDorian1253d ago

Anything i can want :D
That does mean i can recreate PonyVille :D and have My Little Pony Fantasy on my PS4.
Besides I find My Little Pony adorable

kevnb1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

I want to try the beta because I really couldn't understand what it would be like playing the game just by watching the e3 demo.

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