'Gears of War - Ultimate Edition' Xbox One 7 Times 'Larger' Than Xbox 360 Original

The file size for the Gears of War - Ultimate Edition has been revealed and as it turns out its around 7 times as big as the Xbox 360 original that released in 2006.

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Sureshot890d ago

File size doesn't matter with a game like Gears


So psyched

BartMoons890d ago

I agree that 'size doesn't matter' (some women might differ) but its interesting to see the file size different that has come with the years.

MSBAUSTX890d ago

Im psyched too. I love this series and havent played the first one in a long time. I am just now about to finish the third and then play Judgement. It will be nice to have the reaster to play once I am done with judgement and then next year get 4. Cant wait.

donthate890d ago

I know it is is a big size, but doesn't that just mean more content!

So excited for this game and we are getting it in 1.5 months!

Sureshot890d ago (Edited 890d ago )

Double post

Genuine-User890d ago (Edited 890d ago )

High-res textures, pre-rendered videos and additional maps need more space than 6.8GB.

BartMoons890d ago

The Original on the 360 is still one of the best shooters I've played. Imagine the excitement when this releases even more beautiful.

Mikefizzled890d ago

Add in the 4 chapters in Act 5 that was only on PC too.

GusBricker890d ago

Heh. That's one helluva extra Act!

BartMoons890d ago

Don't think one extra act adds 40GB:)

1nsomniac890d ago

It'll be the uncompressed sound that takes the majority of space.

BillytheBarbarian890d ago

I don't think it matters much. Just redone higher resolution cut scenes. Every game is up scaled. Madden is double the size at 16 gigs, NBA 2k is 50 gigs, etc... It's just the nature of the beast.

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The story is too old to be commented.