Ex-Sony CEO attacks Lizard Squad

MWEB GameZone writes:

"'I'm Coming For You,' Says Ex-Sony CEO John Smedley via a barrage of tweets to the convicted hacker from Lizard Squad."

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Sillicur1251d ago

Im with Smedley on this, this kid should learn a lesson or two.

nX1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Love is a strong word... but yeah he's a good guy and has every right to be angry. We all have actually, this kid and his lizard friends belong into a nice, cold prison shower to see how life really works.

freshslicepizza1251d ago

having public feuds over the internet isn't the best approach imo.

DragonKnight1251d ago

And when you're an ex-CEO you can show him where it's appropriate to have public feuds.

Spotie1251d ago

And exactly what IS the best approach?

Spotie1248d ago

That... doesn't prove it's not the best approach. Just proves LizardSquad didn't take it lying down.

And? Sometimes the best approach isn't the least confrontational one. Sometimes you gotta get roughed up a bit before you can land that knockout punch.

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medman1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

If I was the one who was the target of this punk kids actions, I would do him the favor of creating him a brand new anus, right in his throat. And as with many anus', many objects would be entering and exiting his new hole.

ArnoDorian1251d ago

Ah snap, some serious shiet about to go down.

HanCilliers1251d ago

The little sh1t! I really hope it's not the last we've heard about his punishment. That terrorist threat with Smedley on was horrible.

Septic1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

"Julius's Twitter bio describes him as the "untouchable hacker god." If that wasn't enough, Julius went on to retweet the MC Hammer song, "U Can't touch this", in what we interpreted to be his response to his recent ruling. "

What an absolute loser. What a massive tosspot. The kid needs the most severe beatings of his life. Good news that he has other pending cases against him. I hope he gets absolutely destroyed in court. What a muppet. Honestly

MasterCornholio1251d ago

Well that hacker is a human being. He can be broken and eliminated.

Which is why I find is attitude just stupid.

Snookies121251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

If this little stain is a 'human being', I don't want to be part of the species anymore. I sincerely hope he gets slammed with major time in jail/prison, or has such a huge fine slapped in his face that he can't hope to pay it off within the next 20 years.

Eh, that's just my opinion on things though. Here's hoping he does get broken and eliminated.

DragonKnight1251d ago

He actually thinks he can't be touched? Lol. This when Jared from Subway was detained for possible child porn. Yeah, this little brat is soooooo invincible. Pff. The best hackers don't draw attention to themselves and those are the ones never caught. This kid just hides behind a VPN using tools that REAL hackers made.

JeffGUNZ1251d ago

Jared, smh.

Gives a whole new meaning to $5 foot long, eh?

DragonKnight1250d ago

I legitimately lol'd at that one. XD

mayberry1251d ago

they got no prison time, and posted that they have a "get outta jail free card"!

rainslacker1250d ago

And all it takes is for one more charge to be filed against him, and the prosecution showing he has no remorse to get the judge to throw him in jail for being insolent.

He may have gotten off easy now, but the likelihood that he's done other stupid stuff is likely quite high.

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