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I was lucky enough to sit down with Guerrilla at E3 to see its new project Horizon. It's an open world RPG about hunting robot dinosaurs that's worlds away from Killzone, which obviously leads to many, many questions. If you need a quick catch up then there's a dev breakdown below, and after that I'll go through all the stuff I learned talking to studio art director Jan Bart Van Beek and lead producer Lambert Wolterbeek Muller.

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Zero1091255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Man, the game sounds very promising! This article confirms a MP component in the game. I'm hoping for co-op, exploring this world and enemies with a friend(s) would be amazing.

Sir_Simba1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

They confirmed online component not multiplayer, don't misquote people.
People read ur quote think there multiplayer then they don't get it and argue they were lied to.

uptownsoul1254d ago

I can't stress enough how much I'm anticipating this game. It look like such a breath of fresh air. I love new IP's & I love RPG's…So I CAN'T WAIT

zeee1254d ago

They never mentioned multiplayer.

Zero1091254d ago

If I remember correctly, the leak a few months ago stated there'd be competitive and co-op components (everything else about the leak was right so I doubt this one thing is wrong). I didn't quote btw, but yes I should have said online instead, which I can see how they'd be confusing to others.

jukins1254d ago

No mo is not confirmed. It said social aspect. Not coop not competitive mp. Please stop reaching

medman1254d ago

You're mistaken. The multiplayer question was asked and answered during a few interviews with the devs on various multiplayer, they are making a single player experience. See for yourself in one example below.....

ArchangelMike1254d ago

So is "Robosaurs" the official name for those ermm.. robot.. dinosaurs??! I guess it's better than Dinobots.

In any case this game has just become my most anticipated game of 2016.

Bathyj1254d ago

Are people actually using Robosaurs? I coined that. Bout time my genius was being recognised.

chrisx1254d ago

This game is just oozing "nextgen" and "masterpiece"

Jide1254d ago

That should be The Division

1254d ago
Majin-vegeta1254d ago

Guess you'll be able to ride the Dinos.Judging how all the leaked pix have been spot on.Here's hoping op

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The story is too old to be commented.