The Compendium - Immortal Treasure III and Aegis of Champions updates

MWEB GameZone writes: "Dota 2 players who bought the Compendium have been anxiously awaiting the release of the Immortal Treasure III. The treasure’s stretch goal was met at the $10 million mark 40 days ago and up until now Valve has stayed quiet on the Immortal Treasure III’s release date.

Here is the release window for the Immortal Treasure III and what level 1000 Compendium owners will receive"

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Choc_Salties889d ago

Game doesn't really ring my bell, but if there are those that enjoy this, then power to them...

Sillicur889d ago

I have a couple of friends who dislike the whole MOBA genre, but they watch big tournament games. Its an awesome spectator sport. Maybe you should give watching TI5 a try, its free to watch for everyone :)

ZombieDreddZA889d ago

Nice way to reward the supporters and fans.

Sillicur889d ago

Indeed! Cosmetic virtual items are great and all, but something physical you can touch and "treasure" is really special.

HoldenZA889d ago

I love when in-game items/dlc goes towards developing competitive gaming. <3

Sillicur889d ago

Yah me too, you dont just get cool items but you are actually supporting e-Sports in the process!