MotorStorm Updated Hands-On

Sony's SCEE-developed MotorStorm is set to hit the PlayStation 3 with a muddy, physics-heavy bang when it comes to the US early next year. The over-the-top racer has been catching attention since it first appeared at the 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo as a flashy trailer and has been prominently featured at a number of Sony events. Most recently the game has appeared in demo form in the PlayStation 3 online store. Though the demo offers a taste of what to expect from the upcoming game, Sony recently showed off an even more polished work-in-progress version at a press event that featured new tracks as well as a look at how the single-player game is going to work. Gamespot had the chance to hit the road with the game and talk to a member of the development team to find out more about this crazy racer.

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Organization XII4356d ago

Motorstorm is really going on to be one of the best photo-realistic games for now on the next-genish consoles,we can easily say that Sony delivered what they were trying to show what the PS3 is capable of..

Motorstorm real-gameplay is at least 90% near the CG demo we all know, and you should know that the latest motorstorm build is awesome,,
check this out

enuff said!!
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calderra4356d ago

Er, doesn't that picture clearly say the better-looking picture was the "earliest" (aka- completely CG demo), and the top pic isn't remotely close? I don't get the before/after if that's the case... maybe the pic should be labeled "latest"?

DJ4356d ago

He still thinks Motorstorm is a magical CG illusion and couldn't possibly be a real game since it looks so damn amazing.

Sigma4356d ago

Why is there a PC link next to the PlayStation 3 link? Last time I checked this is a Sony first party game. You are going to have a lot of fanboys screaming MotoStorm is multiplatform now.

BIadestarX4356d ago (Edited 4356d ago )

This game better be perfect since 8/10 PS3 post in this site are about this game.

Antan4356d ago

LOL. unlikely of course!!! the pc thing is just a mistake. my bad.

Rooted_Dust4356d ago

With the amount of hype games games get on this site its hard to believe that they ever live up to the expectation.

Apocalypse Shadow4356d ago

more mud and dust kicked the target again:

see that dust and smoke?gran turismo4 even has dust.two cars on rally track.but there is a lot of dust.i want that.see this video:

that's what i'm talking's a little primative for ps2 but you get my meaning?the game is great fun.and it's only a download demo.but this would be cool.having to worry about the other drivers,and the terrain,AND the dust to blind your site.