Batgirl DLC trailer and info released, no update on Arkham Knight PC

MWEB GameZone writes: While PC gamers are still waiting to play Batman: Arkham Knight, Xbox and PlayStation owners are treated to the first DLC, "Batgirl - A Matter of Family."

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Sillicur1229d ago

Nice! But cant wait to play it on PC.

ZombieDreddZA1229d ago

Looks great, but Season Pass... :/

DesVader1229d ago

Yup. Buts it Batgirl...maybe an exception? :D - Its hard, I dislike the season pass concept entirely.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1229d ago

I played most of the game at my friend's house its solid but I'll wait for GOTY.

deadpoolio3161229d ago

You mean the GOTY edition that isn't a guarantee...Origins never got a GOTY edition

SonZeRo1229d ago

Err season pass. no thanks.

JoeReno1229d ago

I'm not sure why you have a disagree when you are only stating a fact. the non season pass Players can buy separately July 21st

Activemessiah1229d ago

once again DLC takes priority over fixing the game...

HanCilliers1229d ago

Exactly, and since June 27 not even one update on the PC progress!!!

jeromeface1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Actually the pc version has received a patch. (not fixed by any means, but slightly improved so far) Everyone here needs to realize that the team making the DLC isn't the same team fixing the pc version. Not to mention there's clauses in the DLC season pass agreements that kinda force their hand into not stopping work on dlc content. This would result in further delays and punish the console owners of the game. I own the game and season pass on PC. I know the pc version will be fixed but its not an overnight fix. The steam pages says estimated release as fall 2015 for a reason. Stop complaining about them working on DLC because to me its really starting to seem like people just like to look for something to complain about. Yea, the pc version was borked on launch, they should have delayed it. But think about it, with a delay we'd be in a very similar situation... still not playing it on pc.

Corristo1229d ago

This makes sense - because a lot of games have payed for the season pass. If you let them wait, they'll get angry too.

Also I believe the DLC is a separate task-line, means the fixing of the PC issues will be done in another section.

We should not mix up things here.

Activemessiah1229d ago

How can PC owners enjoy the patch if they can't play the game as intended... and that patch was very small... the extensive one is yet to appear.

deadpoolio3161229d ago

Awww in your big rush to be cool and make a comment you totally decided to ignore the FACT that this DLC was done by WB Montreal so that Rocksteady could work on the PC version....But hell who needs facts before crying

HanCilliers1228d ago

Iron Galaxy, the company that worked on the PC port, only did “additional engineering and PC support.” Warner Bros, Rocksteady and Iron Galaxy worked together on the PC version.

It's not like Warner Bros are not working on fixing the PC port. They were also responsible for the PC port in the first place.

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