What is the Best Hard Drive for PS4?

Playstation 4 is currently leading in the video game console market. It looks perfect from all kind of view, yet sooner or later, its flaws kick in. It only has one – the 500GB hard drive.

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TXIDarkAvenger745d ago (Edited 745d ago )

lol 1TB SSD for a PS4.

DxTrixterz745d ago

Does anyone else has a problem with any 2tb HDD on ps4. On my PS4 2tb HDD I still have 80 GB left and I cannot install anything else.

theFAYEsorceress745d ago

sometimes they set aside space for updates and stuff like that. idk 100% though~

tristan552745d ago

you should always leave at least 150gb of that 2tb hard drive. its blocking you because the more you fill it up the slower it gets

Scarfy745d ago

If you can't afford (or would rather not pay full price for) an SSD, go for an SSHD.

I've got a 500GB SSHD with an 8GB SSD cache, and it works just fine. Faster than a normal HDD.

Naturally, it won't be as fast as an SSD, but the you'll pay a lot less, and get a lot of the benefits.

curtis92745d ago

Hybrid drive. Speed of SSD and capacity of HDD. Way cheaper than SSD.

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