Soul Calibur 4 - no Trophies or in-game music writes:"The Playstation 3 version of Namco Bandai's fighting em up, Soul Calibur 4 doesn't support trophies. It has an in-game achievement system called required honor. Basically when you unlock something, it will pop up on the screen notifying you that you've unlocked what you've just achieved. To view the achievement you need to head over to the meseum at the battle records.

Also, there is no support for custom in-game music."

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Omega43524d ago

i think what sony needs to do with in-game music is make it more similar to the 360s. As far as i know devs dont do anything to enable custom music its all done by the OS so they dont have a choice.

And i doubt devs will want users to be listen to their own music instead of the music they worked so hard to compose so thats why they wont implement the feature

ash_divine3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

I think that Microsoft requires you to have those things. I think that's what Sony should do. Good point about the music thing towards the end.

bruiser813524d ago

They cant do it that way because it was pattended by MS, for now this is the only way that they can do it at least until home comes out

ash_divine3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

that sucks, hopefully they'll find a way around it. I don't exactly know how HOME will they would use it in home, but if they do, awesome.

sumfood4u3524d ago

My question is how do go about getting trophys in the 1st place?

Sitdown3524d ago

I am not sure why developers would necessarily care if you listen to the music or not....I mean by this time, you have already bought the game or rented. I could understand if this was Guitar Hero, where the music actually mattered....and factors into somebody making the purchase.

incogneato3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

i dont think custom music option should be required, but i think it should be encouraged. trophies SHOULD be required though.

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Stryfeno13524d ago

No in-game music?
No Trophies?
No rumble?

Fishy Fingers3524d ago

I can live without all that just to have the D-Pad.

ash_divine3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

but honestly, wouldn't you rather get a patch later than delay the game's release?

EDIT: now that I think about it, it's not that bad. the game already has it's own achievements. and come on are you really thinking about rumble when playing an awesome game? thought so. the only one that kinda sucks is the in-game music.

v1c1ous3524d ago

i thought ahead and invested in a VF5 arcade stick :D

MikeGdaGod3524d ago

sorry but this is turning into a total no-buy for me until they patch it. just like Burnout Paradise.

Ghoul3524d ago

seriously ps3 d-pad is all i need :)

solidt123524d ago

Im shocked that it doesnt have Rumble but I didn'expect Trophies or in-game music since those features just came out and this game has been done for a while before release.

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juuken3524d ago

Sony needs to put their foot down on these developers. This is ridiculous now.

ash_divine3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

I don't know why they haven't yet, but I think it'll be different for future releases. besides, considering that the game has just been finished means there's a higher chance of a patch. (cause they don't have to backtrack and because they're not working on anything else.)

TheHater3524d ago

I can understand Trophies, and in-game music. But custom sound track has been around for about a year now, why can't we use our own sound track. And Rumble has also been out for about a year now also. Why isn't that in the game?

ash_divine3524d ago

and I really don't know why that stuff isn't in the game. but still, hoping they'll be a patch, I'm almost sure of it.

Veryangryxbot3524d ago

Trophies are designed to be HOME compatible from the start. AKA its a 3D design, you can watch it in your HOME, view it from a 360 degree angle and show it off to your friends.

Trophies are therefor harder to develop. It takes about a week to think up of ideas, it takes about a day's work to implement those ideas as achievements (its just text). It takes 6 weeks to do the same for Trophies. The difference in time and money is why most games are trophy less.

Thats why developers are slacking. Dont worry, Trophies will pick up. Especially games that are still in development. When they introduced Trophies, SC4 may have already finished production. And this goes to all other games that are pretty much done. When they are pretty much done, you can imagine that implementing trophies would only cause the developers more sweat and money.

So its basically just the developers saying "hey man, maybe its not worth it to spend more time on Trophies. We'll do something with trophies on other games still in production".

We just have to accept stuff like this as it comes. Dont worry though, once HOME is here, the superiority of 3D trophies compared to a text line that is achievements, is not even funny. So just be a little more patient.

BananaSlug3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

sony is to blame for implementing the features so late, not developers

4D3523d ago

I love how people blame the developers for this. Blame Sony. For rushing a poorly planned, and even more poorly implemented online gaming service. They should have just waited for the PS4 to revamp PSN features to try to compete with Live. You can't just tack on these features.

juuken3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

Blame Sony and then say that they rushed the PS3 out the door.

You bots are so pathetic that it's not even funny.

Sony gave the developers a choice to implement it, and developers had a right to at least consider it. What's wrong with at least asking Sony about trophies and how it would work for their games?

That's being freakin' lazy first of all, and second of all, hopefully trophies will pick up.

Solid_Snake6663523d ago

hopefully trophies will be mandatory in all 09 games

Tmac3523d ago

Lol 4D how about the pathetically rushed Xbox 360 that burns houses down? Where was Microsoft's quality control there?

ravinshield3523d ago

wow no 1 is gonna buy that game on the ps2.5 with its no rumble,no Trophies or in-game music.

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TheHater3524d ago

nope it doesn't have all of that. but maybe when the game launch their is a possibility that their might be custom music. I notice, when you got to change stage music, it stated that currently not available to download. There was a patch release the other day (patch 1.01) and I don't know what it does. But I did try ingame music, and it didn't work.

ash_divine3524d ago

i'm glad there's at least a good chance of one (or more) patches coming.

mcm3523d ago

That feature is for the DLC music they will offer in the future.
No in-game music to make the DLC soundtracks more appealing.

DMasta7183524d ago

I expected in game music not to be supported. Trophies? Can live without it but it would've been neater to have Trophies than in game achievements.